Dr. Perry Chinn has been in chiropractic practice for 30 years, currently taking an extended sabbatical leave in northwest Montana to pursue his writing, aviation and music goals.  He is a nutritional product developer, motivational/self-improvement speaker, innovator in helicopter performance enhancement, author and life coaching consultant who has been assisting people in their personal and business development since 1987.

Dr. Chinn is also the author of Symphony of Wellness - How Nitric Oxide Can Help You Orchestrate Your Health…a book exploring the relationship between whole food nutrition, chiropractic and optimal wellness.

His first book, Soaring Beyond Fear, is a journey of exploration designed to reveal the limiting effects of our fear-conditioned mind.  This book has been utilized by many to remove the barriers to personal freedom and unlimited accomplishment.

There is much more to Dr. Chinn than his love for Chiropractic.  He enjoys cycling, hiking, flying (airplane as well as helicopter flight instructor and aviation entrepreneur), mountain climbing and generally pursues an active life. His love for singing is fulfilled by performing as a member of the Glacier Symphony Chorale (he sang tenor with the Seattle Symphony Chorale from 2001-2015). Dr. Chinn is also available for personal life-empowerment coaching and speaking, having spent many years working with Bob Trask and the ARAS Foundation as a life and personal success coach.

Perry is a certified helicopter instructor as well as fixed wing pilot.  He recently completely building a SeaRey Elite amphibian aircraft and will soon be exploring the skies and waterways of our beautiful NW regions with his wife Melanie.