As a practicing doctor of Gonstead chiropractic for over 30 years I am and have been very interested in any assistance in the rapid resolution and improvement in outcomes for patients experiencing acute disc injury as well as spinal degeneration due to chronicity.

While my primary focus is the specific correction of the vertebral subluxation, I am increasingly aware of how attention to the supportive aspects of healing and correction are vital in favorable patient outcomes.

This includes nutrition, and more specifically, in the way that targeted nutrition affects and supports the circulation and restoration of intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue, supporting ligaments and connective tissue. As we know, the IVD is a very unique piece of human anatomy. Once considered little more than a spacer between the spinal vertebra, we now know that it is a very dynamic and crucial subset of the vertebral motor unit. Its vitality and resistance to stress is essential to the favorable outcome for the chiropractic patient.

Spending my professional life seeking excellence in the area of specific disc correction has eventually led me to the more focused area of nutrition supporting micro-circulation, namely that circulation feeding the tissue of the IVD. As we learned in chiropractic college, the disc (along with the cornea of the eye) is unique in that it has very little direct blood supply. Much of the nutrient transfer to tissue cells of the IVD must come via mechanical convection. Some IVD cells are as much as 20-25 mm distant from a serving blood vessel. And we know that this mechanism is crippled with the presence of the entity that we professionally label – the chiropractic subluxation.

If this capillary circulation is compromised, a result inherent in the subluxated motor unit, the cells dessicate and starve nutritionally. Restoration of motor unit motion (via the specific chiropractic adjustment) has been and continues to be our primary modality of correction. And what must come hand in hand with that correction is supportive nutrient supply to the cells of the IVD for tissue re-building. This is vital for favorable patient outcomes.

The nutritional science of nitric oxide synthesis reveals the importance of this nutritional support. Over 150,000 articles, white papers and items of scientific literature show us that an adequate supply of nitric oxide precursors (primarily available via an adequate nutritional diet) is crucial to the physiology of disc repair. The endothelial response subsequent to tissue stress (think subluxation here) provides the necessary capillary response leading to hydration and healing of the IVD tissue.

This is where targeted nutritional supplementation using high quality and proven nitric oxide precursors reveals its value for the patient. At the risk of suggesting that the patient may need more than a specific chiropractic adjustment, we have coined the term - Augmented Adjustment. This in no way takes away from our primary focus, but in addition reminds us of the value, in fact necessity, of adequate supportive nutrition…in this case focused at capillary circulation.

The Nitro Extreme product is the highest quality product available for this purpose that I have found. After years of formulating my own product and attempting to re-invent the wheel of nutritional supplement formulation, I have realized that my greatest service is to provide my patient with what I do best…namely the highly specific chiropractic adjustment.

Nitro Extreme, in concert with high performing antioxidants (both water and lipid soluble) assist your body in producing adequate levels of nitric oxide.  This powerful messenger molecule enhances your daily nutrition to provide the heart and circulation saving mechanism of action.

This company (Kyani)  and product provides me with the nutritional tools to help target disc healing with laser-sharp focus. While I realize that healing does not happen overnight, I also understand that just like beginning a chiropractic correction protocol, where each adjustment brings the patient closer to optimal functional and neurological function, every time a patient brings his nutritional resilience closer to the optimal, the more efficient and timely is the healing process. The rapid physiologic effect of nitric oxide begins restoration of this capillary circulation within seconds.

Of course, my desire would be that every patient eat a nutritionally sound diet. That refined sugar consumption, Omega 3/6 balance, ketogenic physiology, processed food consumption, etc. were all in optimal parameters. In reality I know that I cannot reasonably expect this; hence the value to me and my practice of high-quality, targeted nutritional assistance. A value I know that you as a chiropractic provider will appreciate.

Please take this opportunity to provide your patients with this nutritional protocol. The proof is in the outcome.

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The person who has introduced this product to you (whether myself or another Kyani representative) has at their fingertips thousands of papers of supportive literature regarding nitric oxide science. It behooves us to take this Nobel Prize winning science and apply it to chiropractic for the benefit of our patients.