Dr. Perry Chinn has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that can potentially save you years of trial and error. He has spent thirty years of his life developing his business, health care practice, product development and speaking skills. As the author of two books, with a third on the way, Dr. Chinn continues to discover new ways to inspire others and improve lives.  Call 253-670-0858 to schedule a call.

Dr. Chinn provides consulting in the following areas: 



 To achieve these goals Dr. Perry Chinn offers:     




Who can benefit from coaching:


If you have envisioned the goal of creating a product, writing a book, starting a new business….Dr. Chinn can be a valuable resource for your venture. Or...maybe it is as simple as having someone to share your goals and dreams with. One wise person stated that it is important to include three things in your life....Have a coach, BE a coach and appreciate the input and helpful criticism of your peers.

Telephone or Skype consultations are $150 per hour. Dr. Perry can collect your credit card info at the beginning of the call and then the agenda and topics are up to you. If you agree at the end of the hour that valuable insight has been gained and value received, the card will be debited.        

On-site chiropractic practice consultation is available at a rate of $500 per half day and $1,000 per full day (plus any negotiated travel expenses).  This may include doctor and team systems analysis, strategy planning and one on one technique (chiropractic) and/or life coaching. 

What are YOUR next steps in the journey to your vision?

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”   —Benjamin Franklin