Nitric Oxide

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A December 2012 Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights article on nutrition, nitric oxide supplements and your practice bottom line!  A great overview on the "why's" of supplementing with nitric oxide precursors...NOT just for the health professional! Click here!

In 2008 Dr. Chinn began formulating nutritional products with a focus on nitric oxide supplements. His book Symphony of Wellness explores the science and history of of nitric oxide, from the history of the 1998 Nobel prize for physiology or medicine to the most current understanding of the incredible importance of this simple molecule, now acknowledged as the most studied molecule in the history of medicine! Dr. Chinn also discusses the latest understanding of the nitrate/nitrite pathway of nitric oxide production which gives our body the best in nitric oxide support IF we can obtain the nutritional building blocks which are sadly absent in most modern diets. Thankfully there is a quality source for these extremely importance food-based precursors.

"Nothing effects our health more than what we choose to eat".  N. Bryan, PhD - Nitrite and Nitrate in Human Health and Disease

In 1992 the simple molecule nitric oxide (NO) was called “the molecule of Life”. In 1998, three U.S. scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the vast importance of this substance in the maintenance and restoration of cardiovascular health.

Since that time over 150,000 articles and research papers have been written extolling the health benefits of proper levels of this naturally occurring and essential molecule. 

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More recently science has discovered an alternative pathway to nitric oxide formation utilizing the nitrate and nitrate reduction pathway. As with all systems in the body, there is more than one way to maintain health and balance. For nitric oxide, the nitrate and nitrite pathway enhances the L-arginine pathway particularly in times of physiological stress.  Now we have access to newer products that can provide the cardio benefits of the nitric oxide effect without using L-arginine.

Health benefits as a result of enhancing or restoring nitric oxide levels can include: increased cardiovascular wellness, control of hypertension, maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, increased metabolism (weight control), blood sugar control (diabetes issues), neurological health, neurotransmitter function, etc. Of primary importance is managing the devastating effects of “metabolic syndrome”, i.e. the combined negative effects of obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; the number one cause of death in the U.S. and globally.

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