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“Act on inspiration rather than attempting to force it into existence with a fear re-action”.
Every wonder why the same drama and challenges continue to show up in your life? Feeling beat up by the world? It might be wise to take a look at what your invitation to Source is made of.
I have found that the primary value of mediation is an allowing of insight prior to moving into action. Esther Hick’s calls this “segment intending”. For each segment of the day, take a deep breath, observe your heart beat, your rate of breathing…the level of adrenaline in your system and plan. Intend each part of your day. See it unfolding without stress and fear. It might be helpful to take a literal step back, or if sitting at your computer, straighten your shoulders and spine, push back from the keyboard and breathe.
The creative intent preceding each chapter of your day is powerful beyond measure, and too often beyond imagination. Bring it and the result into your experience with measured, heart-felt intention. You will be pleased with the result.
IN-JOY your day!