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Dearest Uncle,

I am writing you with concern and with deepest wishes for a strong recovery. I remember the colorful trucks that criss-crossed your highways…declaring to teach you to sing with joy and happiness, yet purveying the worst kind of dietary toxin. I was urged from the television by a happy clown to step beneath the arches and be yet another of the millions and millions served….yet now see clearly the deceptive technique of marketing to sell yet another super-sized illusion.

You are inhabited by a constituency of increasing mass and decreasing wisdom. Our technology is being out-sourced to others, those with the misfortune of having only the harvest of the earth to eat. Guided from the seat of political power by those with vested interested and compromised values, you struggle to maintain the vestiges of honor that your father’s penned so long ago.

But not all is dark. There are those that are listening to the voice of reason. Still those that have the occasional clearness of mind to remember the wisdom of nurturing with nutrients rather than chemicals. My hope is that this seed of consciousness will take root and harvest a resurgence of health and wellness, so that your innovative concept of freedom and opportunity can again be the light of optimism that the world is drawn to.

Be well my beloved country…may you recover soon.

A concerned citizen,