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We humans have a tendency for the ‘silver bullet’ approach, the “just give me the quick fix” method of achieving goals and results. As a “black or white”, “either/or” person myself, I completely understand this. My impatience often makes it challenging to allow the principle of time to do it’s work.

Robert Collier is quoted as saying “Success is the result of small efforts — repeated day in and day out.”

As a nutritional product formulator I see this weakness of human resolve on a daily basis. “Don’t tell me I need to eat better, just give me a product that will give me the results I want and allow the lifestyle that feels good at the time!” Discipline in diet, exercise, or chiropractic — really anything that produces a result of real value, produces quality in body, spirit and mind.

Balance is the ability to design our daily actions to create the results we desire a fragment at a time. Whether it is designing the optimal physique, the perfect practice, the relationship of our dreams…the most effective technique is to love yourself enough to allow it in to being…with balance, in its own time.

This of course conflicts with the accepted method of ‘success’. Action motivated by fear and lack rather than the balanced, allowing action of Spirit.

My goal today is to allow balance rather than pursue need for a quick fix. Good therapy for my impatient fear-mind!

IN-JOY your day!


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