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I am inherently good.  I am whole.  I am complete.

When you read those words…how do you feel?  Do these words create a resonance that fills you with confidence, knowing and peace?  Or do they trigger the “old stuff”, digging up feelings of inadequacy and fear.  Fear that I do not measure up…especially to my own standards of perfection.

I responded this past week to a column in my local community newspaper written by a church pastor intent on painting a picture of hopelessness, thinly veneered with religious platitudes.  My response to his words sought to instill a possibility that we ARE…rather than we are NOT.  Sadly this concept is typically at odds with much of the doctrine commonplace in religious consciousness.  And our young people are growing into an adult world that is confused about its most basic identity of self.

“Listen to what you know instead of what you fear.” – Richard Bach

What do you know?  What resonates as truth, especially in relation to your personal “I am”?

“Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist and poet

We have been indoctrinated with a beautiful lie.  That we are insufficient, inherently corrupt and “sinful”.  This lie to some may seem insignificant.  However when woven into the fabric of our basic sense and knowing of who we are…the damaging effects of this error is universal and incalculable in the extent of damage is has caused humanity.

Eric Butterworth said it this way, “”SIN = Self-Inflicted Nonsense”.  What belief system concerning our very basic spiritual nature have we gone into agreement with?  Is it supporting what I know is healing and nurturing to the “I AM” within me?  And if not, what is the danger?  To me, my children and those with whom I connect with each day…

I was ejected from my childhood church family, labeled an apostate, for thinking this way.  Over the years I have seen what a blessing that was.  Painful at the time, yes, but viewed in context of my overall life’s journey I would have it no other way.

I watch my two year old grand-daughter grow, play and learn.  I see her growing with a healthy grasp of her own worth…and at the same time retaining the beauty of the whole, spiritual miracle that she is.  To see her grow into this world showered with fear and belief systems saturated with doubt is incomprehensible.

So my gift to the world today is to see everyone I meet as complete.  Possibly confused with belief systems that do not serve their highest knowing…but complete nonetheless.

IN-JOY your day,


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