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“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” – James Madison

I read the above quote this morning and at first was pleased with the smooth feel of the words…then I had a chance to give it some thought.  “If men were angels…”.  Hmmm…are we not?  The pervasive belief, handed down for hundreds, if not thousands, of generations, is that we are not.  Anything but.

What if we were?  What if this belief was similar to so many others?  A belief based in fear, cherished over the millenia, to convince mankind that they are much less than angels.

Marianne Williamson shares that our greatest fear is not that we believe we are incapable of the most divine, but it is the fear that we ARE….(OK, probably “perry-phrasing” quite a bit here).  With a foundation of fear that attacks our very basic sense of worthiness comes the belief that we are “bad”, “sinful”, in essence….immediate prey to the temptations of the most base of human behavior.

I respect Mr. Madison, one of the foundational pillars of our country.  However he, as I, was subject to musings and speculations that may have been founded more on fear than on what “is”.  We are deep in another round of political silliness and posturing excess.  The recent Republican convention and the current Democratic one give us daily reminders of what can happen when we lose sight of a basic truth, or “what is”.


You fill in the blank….with what resonates with you.  Worthy.  Complete.  Perfect.  Intentional.  But also….Weak.  Prone to excess, fear and able to inflict and receive tremendous suffering.

I think it was also said that we experience the government we deserve.  Or at least create.  If we change our paradigm of who we are, what we are, and therefore what we intend and create, government included, what is our possible experience?

I WILL create my highest experience today and this November.  Will you join me?



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