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I am enjoying a tremendous week at Lake Tahoe on a much needed one week break…which just so happens coincides with the Street Vibrations event in Reno. I jumped at the chance to ride along with my brother and sisters to experience this concentration of motorcycles and everything loosely associated with two wheels.

Today after lunch, after a beautiful morning riding up the west side of the lake, we stopped at a casino for “just a few minutes”. My five dollars was soon gone and I spent the balance of my time sitting next to my friend Stan and leaning about fear….at least how it relates to gambling.

My five bucks was gone in a flash, I refuse to spend more than that at a time gambling, now I realize primarily due to the energy of fear that I radiate to the machines….that must be it. Stan however put in his one hundred dollars on the slot, calmly sat down and about 45 minutes later we were climbing on to the bikes with Stan having a little more trouble getting his leg over the saddle…largely due I am sure to the extra $950 in his pocket. The smile on his face was evident as well.

Stan can afford to lose a hundred bucks and it was very evident that this confidence…this allowing of whatever transpired as the icons on the machine spun…was “OK”. It was educating and fun to sit there and learn his strategy…and to observe that it truly was (for him) just a game.

Now I am not saying I am going to start putting one hundred dollar bills in the machines right away. What I can take away is the parallel of this experience to my experience in life. If I am talking to a patient, or giving a talk, or sharing nutritional information….it is good for me to remember what my intentions are. Am I again radiating fear? Or am I completely OK with whatever Spirit delivers?

At any rate, the lesson today was fun and insightful!

IN-JOY your day!


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