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“Good things come to those who wait”.  An Olde English proverb that strikes at the very core of ego.

I must confess that historically this has been a primary challenge for me.  It was easy to equate ‘waiting’ with weakness rather than the power of allowing.

A Facebook quote caught my eye today and resonated with me.  “Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for what you deserve.”  So my fear induced ego was doing two things:  1)  Keeping me from being still and ‘wait’ing  and 2) …strengthening the illusion that I was unworthy of what the Universe (or Great Spirit or God) was already providing for me.

Silly, I know.  Why are we convinced that we need to drive our blessings to us?  That we must “do something” or be “good enough” for providence to find us.  My good friend and mentor Bob Trask called it ‘pushing the river’…he knew, as I know now, that this is a given to those motivated and identified with fear.

We are.  Enough.  Now.

If you are at a point of change in your life (as I am coincidentally…how I love the implied synchronicity of that word!)…please take a deep breath, be still and wait with gratitude for what is innately yours.  YOU ARE WORTHY of your highest intention!  To allow yourself even a second of doubt on this point is to slip into the realm of fear.  This delays and confuses the intention of Spirit.  A purely unnecessary delay to be sure.

Simple, but not easy.  The temptation to hurry and avoid the synchronous coincidence of my meeting with Spirit is always just barely out of the gaze of my conscious awareness.  I am thankful today that I took the luxury to wait….

Be well and IN-JOY,


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