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The subject of heart disease hits close to home with me. One of the most difficult memories I have was watching my grandfather weaken and die. He died of heart disease the year after I graduated from high school.
I remember traveling as a young kid to his house on the ocean in California and getting to use his pocketknife to perform “surgery” on the big kelp whips that were washed up onto the beach. He took me to see the Monarch butterflies clustering on the trees in Pacific Grove.
Then he rapidly deteriorated. That really sucked.
When the diabetes took hold, along with the heart problems, things really got bad quick. They took his legs about a year before he died and he spent the last couple of years in a lot of pain and laying on his back in the nursing home.
Now I am watching my cousin, about my own age, going through the same thing. What is really crazy is that my cousin lost his legs to diabetes at a younger age than I am now.
Aging is becoming a hot topic these days.
According to Ken Dychtwald, president and CEO of the consulting firm AgeWave, “in 1940, life expectancy was 63.5 years, some 9 million Americans received  Social Security, and the ratio of workers to beneficiaries was 159 to 1. By 2010, life expectancy was 78.3 years, nearly 39 million people received Social Security benefits, and the ratio of workers to retirees was 2.9 to 1.”
Dr. Eric Plasker, author of The One Hundred Year Lifestyle, states that… “Like it or not, want to or not you will probably live longer than you ever thought.” According to the US Census Bureau, “The number of 100 year old people worldwide is expected to grow by 746% between now and 2040.” And the British Medical Journal finds that “50% of babies born since 2000 are expected to live to 100”.
Along with this increasing longevity in our society is the sobering fact that heart disease and diabetes continue to rise. Not just a little bit, but in epidemic proportions. Heart disease remains our number one preventable killer and diabetes is expected to more than triple in the next couple of decades.
All of these statistics put in stark relief a basic choice point we all face as we grow older. With aging we have two options. First, if we want to age poorly, with an inevitable amount of misery, we can avoid exercise and eat the typical American diet. And then there is option two, an option that I am pretty sure appeals to most of us. IF we have the awareness and wisdom to accomplish it. This choice involves exercising moderately and regularly AND feeding our body the nutrition it needs through a healthy diet and thoughtful supplementation.
The first option, aging in misery, is brought about by default when we choose to ignore the importance of healthy diet and nutrition and its accompanying catalyst…exercise.
We all have been told how important exercise is. Not only does it keep our joints moving, build stronger muscles and get our heart pumping faster, it accomplishes even more. The science that was discovered in the eighties, that set the stage for the awarding of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nitric oxide, also brought some new understanding to the value of exercise, particularly in relation to how it keeps our circulatory system young.
Without exercise you do not receive something called “shear effect”. Shear effect is simply the speed of the blood moving past the inside of your blood vessels. This is the critical step. Without this movement of blood, the precious magic of nitric oxide production cannot happen anywhere near its potential. Nitric oxide plays a key role in many important heart healthy physical processes. During effective exercise, the blood moves faster and faster through our arteries, veins and capillaries, triggering an amazing chemical process in the lining of our blood vessels that sets in motion the process of restoring heart and circulation wellness through the production of nitric oxide. Provided the basic nutritional building blocks are present, this production process will occur naturally. That is of course IF you can get these from your diet. The problem is – most of us simply can’t.
It was very painful for me to watch my grandfather suffer that way. To see my cousin, his other grandson, experience much the same. I resolved to do the work necessary to become a doctor and gain in the ability to develop and present a product that has
promise of offering a different outcome for other people and their families faced with heart disease, diabetes and other nutritionally associated ills. I resolved to go beyond “common sense”, or standard wisdom, and work hard at providing a third choice. Excellent whole food nutrition, exercise and an “ace in the hole” supplement for overall heart health and wellness in every phase of life.
Enter the cutting edge nutritional supplement Acctrix. This is a new product that brings back to the body the nutrients necessary to heal our heart and blood vessels….from the inside,
Acctrix is made from all natural, animal-free ingredients. One of the primary ingredients is an amino acid L-arginine, a simple building block of protein, that along with another amino acid, L-citrulline, makes the heart saving and healing molecule nitric oxide. And as we mentioned earlier, exercise triggers the signal to the body to make this happen.
Supplements such as Acctrix, which is a unique proprietary blend supplement with heart health benefits and overall nutritional impact, provide these nitric oxide making ingredients. Acctrix on Amazon