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“We acquire the strength we have overcome.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson, American writer

One of the great things about life is the ability to see the road we have traveled and appreciate the journey.  As a parent I watch my children and one part of me hopes for a smooth road for them, straight, not detours…basically devoid of pain.  Yet the other, wiser part of me knows that it is the very bumps, travails and dark spots in the road that help create the strength they need to continue the journey once I am gone, whether out of sight or literally gone…they will need and appreciate that acquired strength.

My wife and I about 14 years ago were traveling and Arizona and spent an afternoon at the BioSphere project near Tucson.  It was a fascinating way to spend a couple of hours and my attention was piqued as the guide was relating a challenge they had experienced while introducing trees into the containment spheres.

They noticed that the trees would mature to a certain size, sort of an arborist’s view of adolescence I suppose, and then their larger limbs would spontaneously break.  They spent quite a bit of time, money and head-scratching trying to understand why.  After a bit of research the answer came…

Their life was too easy!  Without wind, rain, physical stress of any kind the trees grew weak and when the internal load became too great, they snapped!

Our life is made strong through the strength it takes to live!  It still hurts to see my kids struggle, yet when I allow myself some space to observe, I am grateful that they are gaining the fortitude they need to succeed and thrive.

I will choose to be grateful for my tests today and this season.  For when the winds again blow, and those close to me hear a grumble of complaint, the practice of gratitude will center me a little quicker each time.

IN-JOY the bumps in your road today!


Dr. Chinn is a 1986 Life graduate Seattle area for 26 years and is a board member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. He is the co-creator of the nutritional cardiovascular formula Acctrix (www.Acctrix.com) available at Amazon, co-founder of Unisal Wellness Technologies and is the author of Symphony of Wellness and Soaring Beyond Fear ( www.PerryChinn.com). His book Symphony of Wellness focuses on the science and benefits of the Nobel Prize winning science of nitric oxide for cardiovascular health and whole body wellness. He can be reached at DrPChinn@gmail.com