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Obesity is becoming even more of a BIG problem in the U.S.  According to Center for Disease Control statistics in 2012, one third of us are overweight and one third of us are considered obese.  And since obesity is a major contributing factor in five of the top ten causes of death, namely heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and kidney disease; the impact of this “disorder” is getting harder to ignore and rationalize.

We have inherited the “privilege” of living in a country that has mastered the art of producing cheap calories.  Evolution has “hard wired” it into our genes to seek out, hoard and devour foods and substances high in fat and sugar.  It is not a mistake of nature that these foods taste good.  It is genetically coded into us for survival.  But now this trait seems to be killing us.

When we were actively searching for and then growing our food we had the balance of exercise to help keep us healthy and slim.  Now many of us complain when we have to get up to find the remote control and the abundance of food in the kitchen is more than five steps away.  Our metabolism and our inherent safeguards against overconsumption have been overwhelmed by an avalanche of easy calories.

A recent British study showed that there was a direct correlation between body weight and cognitive function.  Fat apparently does not equal smart!  For those in the study unable to control their weight, the loss of memory recall and other measures of “smartness” declined by 37 per cent and more.

What to do!

With increased awareness of the link between obesity and serious disease as well as the link between brain function and being overweight, the only “smart” alternative is to take a closer look at how we eat, what we eat, and how much we exercise.

Proper levels of nitric oxide stimulate healthy mitochondrial function.  Since the mitochondria are the “power houses” of the cell, effective metabolism of mitochondria is essential for governing and controlling body weight.  And we know that the healthy presence of nitric oxide is largely a result of the quality of our exercise and the quality of our food, including effective supplements like Acctrix.

Good food and good exercise equals health and wellness.  This is especially true when it comes to preventing such disorders as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other circulation related problems.
Nitric oxide has been known for over twenty years to reverse the negative effects of cardiovascular disease.  When we can’t get enough of the building blocks of nitric oxide in our diet, it is time to take a highly effective supplement such as Acctrix.

Acctrix is a natural alternative to prescription drugs with their numerous side effects and surgery with its often uncertain outcome.  The smart consumer knows that we must address cause.  The primary causes, as we know, for heart disease and diabetes is poor diet and little to no exercise.

You have a tremendous option!  Exercise and Acctrix!

I love it when my patients see the wisdom of this natural approach.  It warms my heart to see them empowered and moving forward on their journey toward wellness.  It saddens me to see those stuck in indecision and powerlessness as they get heavier and sicker with the answer at their fingertips.

Be well!  Choose Acctrix!