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“Television ads for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may lead to over-diagnosis of high cholesterol and over-treatment with the drugs, according to a new study.” FRIDAY, March 8 (HealthDay News)

Ya think?!!!

With use of pharmaceutical intervention continuing to rise and cardiovascular related diseases soaring, one sure wants to place the blame somewhere! But really…who held a gun to your head to watch the commercial for the drug, let alone turn the television on in the first place?

Accountability begins at home. Probably in the living room. Leaving the television off and even leaving the recliner to take that 45 minute brisk walk that you have been admonishing yourself about…all of this is personal accountability, discipline and lifestyle choices.

Sounds like tough love, however true love begins with you. How you take care of yourself, honor yourself and nurture your well-being. We all know that drugs do not impart health and wellness. No need to preach to the choir here. We also know that keeping up with the program, whether daily exercise, managing calorie intake vs. burn…is an “inside job”. No one else is to blame and no one else deserves to take the credit either.

Living in the city gives me the privilege of seeing so many people in a wide variety of situations. Obesity, fitness, confidence, despair…the variety is as diverse as the number of human expressions.

It is challenging to even bring the subject of physical, mental and spiritual fitness up without sounding like a nag. That of course is the challenge when placed in the position of health professional, counselor or let’s face it…being a parent or being involved in any relationship. So the best course I feel is that of being an example….so I’ll continue to work on that!

Time to go for another walk today!

IN-JOY your wellness on this fine day,


Dr. Chinn is a 1986 Life graduate Seattle area for 26 years and is a board member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. He is an independent distributor with Kyani nutritionals, the co-creator of the nutritional cardiovascular formula Acctrix (www.Acctrix.com) available on Amazon, co-founder of Unisal Wellness Technologies,, and is the author of Symphony of Wellness and Soaring Beyond Fear ( www.PerryChinn.com). His book Symphony of Wellness (now in an expanded 3rd edition) focuses on the science and benefits of the Nobel Prize winning science of nitric oxide for cardiovascular health and whole body wellness as well as the new understanding of Vit. E tocotrienol fractions for enhanced immune response and cognitive function. He can be reached at DrPChinn@gmail.com