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I just posted a link on my Face Book page commenting on a recent National Public Radio news item on Alzheimer’s titled “Hope remains”.

Alzheimer’s continues to be a devastating neurological blight on our aging population.  No one can argue that.  What is debated, to the detriment of those suffering from the disorder and also to those burdened with caring for them, is how to effectively deal with this “dis-ease”.

Patient’s with Alzheimer’s show a critical depletion of nitric oxide.  Those of you who have followed my posts and other articles and books I’ve written over the past few years know that a primary focus of mine is the science of nitric oxide and the formulation of products designed to effectively deal with this deficit in a non-pharmaceutical manner.

This NPR story exemplifies the continued absence of serious attention to restoring necessary nitric oxide levels in conventional circles.  This “hope” might indeed lie outside the realm of traditional pharmaceutical backed research and model of treatment.

This NIH abstract suggests that is a very important link to consider…

Many excellent products, such as www.KyaniScience.com and my own product www.Acctrix.com , offer tremendous nutritional support options.

Yet so many people I talk to, as well as patient’s I consult with, immediately balk at the “high cost” of using these nutritional products on a regular basis.  This link to the Alzheimer’s information site might put that in perspective a bit.

What is essential nutrition and supplementation worth to you and those you love and care about?  Especially those in our family’s and circles of the older generation…those prone to such dis-eases such as Alzheimer’s and other, very possibly preventable through nutrition, conditions?

It hurts a bit whenever I hear this excuse…and I hear it often.  The hurt is not so much due to the loss of a potential customer, but more that all my years of study, formulation and research is so summarily and quickly dismissed as too expensive…often when the person spends much more money on coffee, cigarettes, lotto tickets or other “necessities”.

I would be happy to provide you with more information regarding the benefits of restoring nitric oxide levels and other ways of assisting the preservation of nitric oxide levels such as antioxidant support, etc…

What is it worth to you?  In my mind, and of course you might say I am a little biased, the cost of our products is quite low compared to the real cost of nitric oxide depletion and resulting disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

I am at your service,

IN-JOY your healthy life!

Dr. Chinn is a 1986 Life graduate   area of Washington state for 26 years and is a board member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. He is an independent distributor with Kyani nutritionals, the co-creator of the nutritional cardiovascular formula Acctrix (www.Acctrix.com) available on Amazon, co-founder of Unisal Wellness Technologies,, and is the author of Symphony of Wellness and Soaring Beyond Fear ( www.PerryChinn.com). His book Symphony of Wellness (now in an expanded 3rd edition) focuses on the science and benefits of the Nobel Prize winning science of nitric oxide for cardiovascular health and whole body wellness as well as the new understanding of Vit. E tocotrienol fractions for enhanced immune response and cognitive function. He can be reached at DrPChinn@gmail.com