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“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” – Buddhist saying

I have spent the last 30 years of my life studying wellness, the delivery of chiropractic care and more recently nutrition.  With the 3rd edition of Symphony of Wellness I delve deeper into the intricacies of nitric oxide, it’s impact on our wellness, vitality and longevity and the astounding fact that it is still largely ignored by mainstream “health” care.

Over 120,000 articles, books and studies have been written.  Nitric oxide has been touted as “the most important signaling molecule in the body” and possibly one of the most (if not THE most) studied molecule in the history of human physiology.  Yet if you ask most people about it…you will likely get the old “deer in the headlights” stare!  If it is so good, they may ask, why hasn’t my cardiologist shared this with me?!

Allowing.  The greatest virtue in this life in my opinion.  And the most difficult to practice.  Especially when you have a passion for a topic, whether it be chiropractic, religion, nitric oxide, etc.  I have formulated a highly acclaimed nitric oxide nutritional formula, written a book(s), submitted articles to our journals…and still at times I “allow” myself to feel frustrated that understanding moves ahead so slowly.

My motivation for writing on this beautiful Father’s Day morning is a snibbit of information gleaned from my mother this morning when I called to talk to my dad, who by the way was still sleeping away.  She shared with me that my cousin, who I mentioned in my book, was now having fingers removed due to his ongoing struggle with heart disease and diabetes complications.   He is already a double amputee (both legs), he can hardly see, is a fragile diabetic crippled by heart disease and strokes…and he is now losing his fingers.

With his agreement I paid for and sent him nitric oxide products and antioxidants to begin healing the damage.  I firmly believe that they would have made a difference.  For reasons that are not mine to know, the gesture was not appreciated nor utilized.  Not the right time for him apparently, or maybe it conflicted with long-held beliefs and opinions…I can only speculate, and of course my speculation was (and is) not a healthy or fruitful pursuit.  For my own health I must let go of my attachments to his experience.  Literally none of my business!

Allow.  Even when it means holding a ring-side seat to a spectacle of suffering experienced by those you love and care about.  Even when it means nodding my head and smiling when others share with me the latest and best in nutritional products, though as a formulator I almost always discover the cheap ingredients, the artificial sweeteners, etc.  The shortcuts in quality and safety that are defended with religious zeal and indignation at my input!

This is the pain of allowing.  It morphs into suffering only if we lose our perspective.  Understanding that others will have their experience, follow their own path and it may not make sense.  At all!  It really is none of my business unless and until my opinion is invited!

As I do my work on the subject of allowing I can see a glimpse of the joy that is the result of the peace of this practice.  Even when the world does not make sense, people ignore your advice, others that you care for continue in pain and poor quality of life…you can know that a higher plane of purpose is unfolding.

What really matters is our unconditional acceptance of who they are an how they choose to live and experience their life.  This is what matters.  Our individual concepts of “right” and “wrong” are inconsequential.

Rumi penned it so well….“Out beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field…I will meet you there”.

May you IN-JOY your peace of allowing on this day,