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I just had the pleasure of reading an article from Discover magazine regarding the exposed myth of the dragon’s bite.  In this case the dragon is the legendary Komodo, the myth is that their bite, though not poisonous, was loaded with so many lethal bacteria as to cause the rapid demise of those unfortunate enough to experience a bite.

Fear does interesting things.  Paralyze us, impede our growth and even more often block our understanding of important, sometimes life-saving, concepts.  It is also often the seed and fuel of myth.  Fear of bacteria is pervasive in our society, particularly during the late 20th century when the Komodo theory was developed.  By well-meaning scientists of course.  As the article (see via the link below) shares, of the more than fifty bacteria making up the flora of the dragon’s mouth, many were thought to be the immediate precursor to overwhelming infection, disease and death.

Not so!


What I find interesting is the parallel of bacteriophobia (is that a word?) creating and perpetuating a lack of understanding that has potentially very negative impact on human health.  More specifically cardiovascular health.

In the human mouth there are two or three bacteria that are our friends when it comes to heart and circulation health.  Without these little critters we would be unable to breakdown the nitrates in our green leafy vegetables which are an important precursor, or preliminary step, to the production of life-saving, and life-creating, nitric oxide.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, the bacteria that make up and inhabit our body outnumber our human cells by a factor of 10 to 1.  According to Bonnie Bassler (Princeton) the genetic code of our little friends outnumber our own DNA by as much as 100 to 1.

Can you imagine the result if we were to let our fear overcome the logic of sharing an harmonious relationship with the bacteria that keep us alive?!

Something to think about as you IN-JOY your day!