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“Grief is the agony of an instant: the indulgence of grief the blunder of a life.” – Benjamin Disraeli

This is a sober day as we recall the events of 12 years ago.  Many people lost their lives on that morning in New York that forever changed our world and how we perceive it.

The challenge is to retain a clear perspective of how fear can be assimilated into our identity or perceived as something foreign to our essential being.  It really does come down to a choice on how much of that fear we choose to carry with us on through our life.

I remember a story of two monks walking a long road and meeting an insolent young man who mocked their piety and insulted their chosen life’s work.  The younger of the two monks was still fuming about the encounter miles later when the older of the pair turned to him and commented that he could have chosen to lay down the insults rather than carry them with him.  Implying that it indeed is a choice to suffer and accept the “gift” of fear.

No one can argue that the events of September 11 were horrific.  The larger question is…what are we carrying with us?  Fear, retribution, rabid patriotism….or can we learn from the experience and wash ourselves clean of the heavy burden of fear?  And….can we take the courage to take a really close look at our collective foreign policies of the last several decades and honestly examine our contribution to the unrest of this world.

Let’s choose a healthy path and a future of spiritual and emotional wellness for our world…

IN-JOY your unique gift to humanity today!  Celebrate that which makes the citizens of this world so close in unity…and lay aside that which fear says makes us different.