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I had the opportunity this past week to sit down with a medical equipment sales rep and discuss the nitric oxide science.

She was in my office to demo a few pieces of equipment that were designed to assess cardiovascular health.  Our office is working at expanding our ability to screen and track improvement in not only heart and circulation health, but many other areas of wellness.  Having this ability to quantify these health markers is very helpful not only for the clinical validation…but even more importantly, for the health care consumer (our patients) ability to see how they are improving AND how they are extending and improving the quality of their lives.

After seeing a few patients, I walked into my private office and she had already set up several monitoring devices.  One in particular was a device that provided continuous monitoring of hemoglobin levels, blood oxygen saturation and the perfusion index.  Other markers such as pulse rate were also assessed.

Of particular interest to me was the perfusion index.  This reading is the ratio of nonpulsatile to pulsatile blood flow through the capillary bed.  The reading is taken on the finger using an infrared scan of the nail bed.

This excited me because I want to show my patients a real-time measuring of how the nitric oxide effect is improving their circulation.  Having studied nitric oxide for years now, writing books, creating products, working with not only L-arginine based nitric oxide precursors but also the nitrate precursors like Kyani Nitro Xtreme, I was eager to see this device in action.

And here is where it got FUN!

The rep attached the lead to her finger, had a seat and we began to talk.  I couldn’t help but grab the opportunity and I said…”Do you mind if I give you a sample of our product?”.  She agreed, I am sure more to be polite, and we continued to talk.

I had given her two droppers of Kyani Xtreme (about 20-25 ml).  This is the amount I typically give as a sample at trade shows and lectures with the intent of doing a simple pre and post assessment of blood flow and perfusion.

As we talked about nitric oxide, which by the way she knew little to nothing about, I saw that her eyes kept straying to the monitor.  I should also mention that she is an RN of about 20 years, highly skilled in cardiovascular protocols and extensive experience in ICU and neonatal ICU environments.  This continues to amaze me.  The most important contribution to cardiovascular medicine and she was yet to be introduced to the power of what we do.

After about 5 minutes, the perfusion index contined to climb.  Her eyes widened, and her eyes were now glued to the brightly lit digital readout.  When at 15 minutes the perfusion index had doubled she finally asked…”Is that because of the product you gave me?”.

Of course my answer was in the affirmative and another convert to the power of nitric oxide was born.

Her response was, “But I have a very healthy heart!  I eat good, I exercise and I am an RN!”.  I smiled and welcomed the opportunity to share more with her about the importance of EVERYONE discovering the power of nitric oxide nutritional enhancement.

Heart disease is the number one killer on this planet.  95 million diabetics now in China.  Diabetes expected to TRIPLE in the next few years.  Metabolic syndrome….the devastating crippler of the nitric oxide factory (the endothelium) that lines our blood vessels is epidemic in our societies….

DO YOU THINK THERE IS WORK TO DO?  Is there someone that YOU know that could possibly benefit from improving their life from the INSIDE?  I think probably YES!

As many of you know I support and believe in the power of BOTH pathways of nitric oxide production.  The primary pathway, L-arginine (found in products like Acctrix), primarily derived from the amino acid components of proteins and also the nitrate pathway (in products such as Kyani Xtreme).  This latter pathway provided for us by eating lots of green leafies and other vegetables and fruits…but sadly deficient due to the abysmal diet of most modern cultures.  As we improve lives with chiropractic care, diet and nutrition, exercise and more common sense education on holistic wellness we have the opportunity to make a real and effective change in the health of our planet.

I couldn’t help but share this story.  We know the problem.  We have the products.  We have the technology (“…we can re-build him”!)….now YOU tell the story and save some lives!

IN-JOY the journey…and have fun!