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I have written a blog before regarding the importance of the biological flora…OK “germs” in the warm recesses of the human mouth.  The heart-protective and life-enhancing ability of the humble nitric oxide molecule depends on the bacteria that normally inhabit our body.

I shared that Bonnie Bassler of Princeton University, during a recent TED TALK, confirmed that there are at least TEN TIMES as many bacteria in and around our body than there are human cells.  That the estimated genetic code material of these “bugs” outnumbered our human genetic code by as much as a factor of 100 times!

The human gut contains about 100 trillion bacteria!  These little critters add about 7 pounds to the amount that tips our bathroom scale in the morning!

Bacteria in our mouth (in a healthy scenario) exceed the number of people on the entire earth!  Well over 7 billion! (over 600 species and counting)  Each tooth hosts at least 100,000 bacteria…AND this is NORMAL!  (Sigmund Socransky, Harvard U.)

These ‘germs’ not only can be, they indeed ARE our friends!  Just as our plant life on earth depends on the little honey bee and his cousins for our very nutritional life…our interior world, the ecology of our symbiotic makeup…depends vitally on the health and well-being…of, well….BUGS!

The marketing and advertising world has done a really good job at defaming our little friends.  The cause of disease it is said, make sure you sanitize everything and eradicate all the bacteria and germs!  Be healthy!

Well it isn’t quite that simple.  Good health, well-being, whether for heart health or just basic immune function and wellness…literally depends on the healthy existence of billions of bacteria…in and on our bodies.

So let’s see…what is the answer?  As always, a good balance in understanding how our body maintains its internal and external environment.  Practices that contribute to good health, without killing the very things (in this case “good” bacteria) that provide this health…are the answer.

Chiropractic care, shown since the New York University study (Pero study), to enhance immune response by 200 to 400 per cent; exercise; excellent whole food nutrition, clean water, rest…all of these will keep us, and our little friends, happy!

Notice that chemical agents, cleansers and drugs that kill bacteria are not on this list?  Except in very isolated emergency scenarios, killing symbiotic bacteria does NOT contribute to wellness!

I won’t take the time here to re-visit the importance of these bacteria for nitric oxide production, necessary for circulatory and basic functional health of the body.  You can read my earlier blogs on this subject.  However I invite you to again consider….what is health, where does it come from AND most importantly, how disrupting the normal balance of bacteria can lead to ill health and dis-ease.

Be well…and hug a bacteria (or rather a bacterium) today!

IN-JOY our day!