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Have you hugged your endothelium today?

I had an event in my office earlier this week which included hosting a sales rep from a company in Chicago demonstrating his pulse wave form analysis machine.

Ho-hum you may say?  Why is this important or the following story interesting?

Diabetes is on a runaway train heading for an increasingly horrendous disaster relating to our nation (and planet’s) health.  It is estimated by some predictions that one out of three U.S. adults will be diabetic needing some form of medication within the next few years.  The demographic of this affliction is moving ever more steadily into the younger segment of our population.  Worldwide, especially in developed and “more advantaged” countries, diabetes is growing just as fast.  Over 95 million Chinese are labeled as diabetic at this point….and with the sorry state of internal and environmental pollution (smoking, industrial pollution, extremely high levels of cellular oxidative stress) the numbers are climbing steadily.

At this week’s event in my office I had a long line of patients volunteer to line up and be tested on the Wave Form machine.  It non-invasively measures internal central aortic systolic pressure (CASP) and the technology captures graphically the condition, resilience, elasticity…basically the overall health and resilience of the cardiovascular system.

One gentlemen, in his late forties, had experienced a ‘mild’ heart attack earlier this summer and was also labeled a Type II diabetic.  The metformin medication was making him ill, affecting his job performance and in short greatly diminishing his quality of life.  He particularly was resisting assuming the identity of a “diabetic”.

I offered a single dose of nitric oxide precursor nutritional to some of those tested with higher than average CVD risk profiles.  Twenty minutes later we did a followup profile.  The results were interesting, predictably encouraging and most showed immediate improvement, primarily with blood pressure values.  Changes in the cardiac output wave form, i.e. the degree of back pressure resistance, I would expect to take a bit longer to visualize.

He called me the next day and asked me… “…does this have anything to do with my diabetes?”.  I asked him why the question and he reported an almost immedicate 40 point drop in his blood sugar measurement.  Over the last couple of days that value has dropped from 175 down to a reading yesterday of 109.  Needless to say this got his attention, he is now on the products and rapidly making arrangments with his medical internist to greatly decrease and/or stop the medications in favor of a more natural approach to management.

It appears (and we have seen this effect many times before with NO precursors) that the nitric oxide produced from the Nitro Xtreme immediately began restoring the function of his devastated endothelium.  While nutrition normally received through heart-healthy fruits and vegetables is the first and best source of this effect, the precursors can also be found in specific nutritional products.

All of the conditions listed under “metabolic syndrome”, including hypertension and insulin resistance (even in the form of clinically diagnosed diabetes) are considered ‘preventable’…even by those we know to be staunchly allopathic…and sometimes critical of the ‘natural approach’ to these significant health challenges.  C. Everett Koop (former surgeon general) estimated that over 85% of our health issues, including many of these preventable issues related to ‘metabolic syndrome’ (obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, heart disease) are avoidable through diet and lifestyle modification.

All preventable.  It matters what we eat, how we exercise, if and how we maintain the health of our nerve and immune system, the quality and science of our supplements…it matters a great deal.

We have had the technology for years now to accurately and proactively assess these risks.  As the innovation of these inventions improves the accessability to the average health care consumer is made much easier.  We can know, long before the catastrophic dis-ease event, just how healthy our heart and circulation is.

And we also have the science supporting a very important and significant nutritional answer.  The simple fact is we are not getting the nutrition we need to head off these crippling metabolic conditions before they become a crisis.  Specific supplementation in most cases is necessary.

Don’t forget to eat lots of leafy greens this holiday season…and OK, a couple of pieces of pie is necessary too…especially if you have the peace of mind that supplementing with the best in nutritional science can give you!

IN-JOY you healthy heart!