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We live in the great US of A…land of opportunity, wealth, abundance…and VERY poor nutrition!  How can this be?

I gave a short nutrition presentation, served along with a light meal of appropriately nutrient rich food items, to our practice members a few evenings ago.  We discussed nitric oxide, antioxidants, Omega 3/6 balance, as well as a few other topics.  I did my best to do a quick overview of material that is usually crammed tightly into 4 hours of continuing education credit class that I present to providers.  It was fun, informative…and of course news to most everyone in the audience.

That would be expected right?  That not all of us have had the opportunity to understand the simple facts about nutrition?  But would it surprise you to realize that the 20 or so folks who left that event Tuesday evening now know more about basic and relevant nutrition than most medical providers, not to mention non-providers, they will come in contact with?

Why is this?  Why is it we have the ability to grow most of the world’s available food yet we are dropping like proverbial flies from the devastating effects of metabolic syndrome?

We as doctors of chiropractic have much to offer the world.  We are the leaders in understanding the vital link between structure and function…between the physical and the optimal expression of Spirit.  Yet are we doing all we can?  Are we turning a blind eye to addressing some basic misunderstandings and flat-out ignorance when it come to nutrition?  Thinking that the philosophy of “one cause/one cure” will compensate for bodies that are starving inside, one cell at a time, from simple nutrient starvation?

Our supermarkets are loaded to the brim with cheap calories.  We spend less than half of our income for food that Europe does.  We demand and expect cheap, tasty food and our food industry has complied with a vengeance.

Most of you may have heard the news headlines yesterday about the ill-effects of trans-fats and partially hydrogenated fats in our processed food supply.  It was a blatant marketing move to remove the nutrition of our food in favor of longer shelf-life.  I share with my people to eat foods that will spoil…foods that grandma would have recognized.  Sadly this kind of food is available now at a premium…often financially out of reach to most who might otherwise benefit from this healing nutrition.

The same day I gave this talk I had voted.  I realize sometimes the futility of this process but it represents an ideal that I passionately believe in.  The health and vitality of our country and political process demands that I partake and participate.  So it is when I walk up to the register at the grocery store.  How will I cast my “vote” there?  Will I yield to the cheaper “food-like” substitute and in effect vote for and support a system that is destroying our health and the health of our children?

Sober thoughts for this month of Thanksgiving!  Take a moment to make a list of your priorities.  Learn a bit more about nutrition.  Read more books…get a better understanding of how our food defines us and our health…one cell at a time!

IN-JOY your nutrition today!