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The English language is full of four letter words.  Many of them not typically utilized in polite conversation by tacit agreement of society.  And some of them used so often that the meaning becomes diluted and obscured.

Hope.  The Webster definition portrays a feeling of earnest wishing, “…to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.”  Wanting something to happen.  Wishing it were true.  Thinking, or ‘hoping’, that what is Not…IS.

What could be wrong with that?  Psychotherapist Karen Krett, in her book The Dark Side of Hope: A Psychological Investigation and Cultural Commentary, suggests that “…hope has been promoted as an unmitigated virtue without any consideration of its dark side…”.  The implication being that as mature spiritual beings there is a higher level of creative accountability.  We have the ability, and personal responsibility, to make good decisions; decisions that will create the life that we otherwise might merely ‘hope’ for.

We are creative beings.  We are powerful beyond measure.  To stay in the infantile state of hope robs us of the richness of a life that we as spiritual avatars ARE.

Our churches capitalize on this.  Movies are filled with the ‘sappy’ side of hope.  Hope is something “better”, implying that what we have is tainted and “less than”.  While a promise of ‘heaven’ may sound lovely at face-value, it often detracts from a temporal life experience that is the true gift of our life-experience.  A life devoid of creative spirit and creation must look forward to a reward beyond this life to provide meaning.

The alternative is to value yourself completely each day…in the moment.  To not buy into the fallacy of being incomplete, “sinful” or in any way un-worthy.  As we move into the holiday season singing songs of “hope” and promise…practice bringing that into your experience now.  Practice seeing yourself and your experience as exactly what IS supposed to BE!

You are powerful beyond measure!  You are the ultimate creator and architect of your experience!

IN-JOY your life YOU created today!