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There seem to be many factors that can negatively affect the health of our heart.  Lack of exercise, sedentary work and life-style, poor nutrition, genetic tendencies…and stress.

We have been screening patients in our office the past four weeks using a Pulse Wave Reflection machine that measures not only the pulse wave augmentation and increased cardio risk but also pulse wave velocity.  It has been interesting to see how this technology picks up potential cardio risk, often before there are sufficient indications via traditional screening such as blood pressure, typical blood draw panels and other traditional medical diagnostics.

A patient this past week, initially coming to our office for mid and lower back pain, noted dramatic improvement over the past couple of weeks after a particularly ominous test result indicated the wisdom of nitric oxide precursors along with his chiropractic adjustments.  The pre and post wave form profiles revealed a significant lowering of risk…a potential cardiac time-bomb defused.

His body type, personality characteristics and life-style was and is very alpha, driver, high stress.  With highly specific Gonstead chiropractic we can often see a positive symptomatic change, decreased back pain, even vital sign changes…however far too often the high cardiac risk remains.

Continued mental stress keeps the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) in constant high gear.  This has the very imminent negative impact of severely compromised endothelial function.  Essentially the nitric oxide synthase (NOS) pathway shuts down.  And with this deactivation and the ensuing loss of cardio-protective benefits come the increasingly elevated blood pressure, large vessel stiffness and other signs of approaching cardiovascular incident.  The cardio wave form is deformed; pressure peaks are augmented and peripheral vascular resistance and wave form reflection spikes.  A climbing cycle of risk.

Somehow this cycle needs to be interrupted.  The patient informed to the degree that behavior will change and disaster averted.  Mental stress produces a sustained increase in pulse wave velocity due to increased resistance and protective vascular mechanisms.   As the “fight or flight” mediators are produced, released and saturate the chemical pathways…endothelial function suffers.  Even a brief period of mental stress causes a “prolonged” period of endothelial dysfunction (Spieker, L. et al, Circulation, 2002)

So defusing this stress time bomb must be part of the picture.  The nitric oxide precursors such as those found in Acctrix (if there is at least a minimum of endothelial health to utilize the L-arginine blend) or the nitrate precursor oral route of the Kyani products…can be a literal life saver, restoring endothelial function and nitric oxide production giving the body the ability to adapt to the heart and vascular stress.  This along with chiropractic care to balance the autonomic nervous system, decreasing sympathetic “hyper-drive” can avert a potentially deadly scenario.

We are moving into the holidays this week.  Remember to give yourself a break, take deep breaths and keep your stress levels low.  Be kind to your endothelium…it is one of your best friends and critical in keeping your heart and circulation healthy.  Eat and drink well, in moderation, and with good nutrient value in mind.

IN-JOY your healthy heart this holiday!