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As with most life processes, balance is the key.  Whether between work and play, light and dark, solitude and relationships…balance is the goal that the adaptive processes of the body utilize for optimal wellness.

We are familiar with the balance necessary within the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Parasympathetic vs. sympathetic…flight/fight in concert with rest/restoration.  Dis-ease is the result of this adaptation gone awry, a casualty of outside stresses…usually with inflammation as the “ground zero” of the aberrant process.

Oxidative stress, the result of the environment we (and our cells) live in initiates this process.  And a front line of defense is the endothelium, that single layer of physiologic interface that sets the stage for a potential of health and wellness…or a host of metabolic disorders.  The delicate dance and balance of bradykinin and the release of nitric oxide countered with the synthesis of angiotensin and other vasoconstrictive agents…sets the stage for the ability of our cardiovascular system to adapt to the ever-changing demands of our daily life.

Nutrition, and of course proper and balanced neural input, dictates the ability of our body to maintain this balance.  Fully functional and healthy autonomic balance, enhanced with specific and regular chiropractic care, meditation, exercise and more…gives us the healthy basis with which optimal nutrition can build on.

Pharmaceuticals are toxic to this process.  While temporary assistance can be achieved through ACE inhibitors and other synthetic agents, ongoing use of prescription medication numbs and eventually destroys the governing balance achieved by an otherwise healthy endothelium and the individual endothelial cell (EC).  Effective and regular exercise, initiating such processes as the shear effect and increasing peripheral vessel compliance and tone, a diet rich in whole food nutrition, specific chiropractic care to balance the ANS, effective and intentional de-stressors such as mediation and true rest…all of these assist in restoring the delicate balance of endothelial function.

We live in a world that is not conducive to this balance.  The sources of oxidative stress, environmental and food source toxins, mental and emotional stress, the dearth of real nutrition due to the prevalence of empty calories…surround us.  We MUST give our body a fighting chance by bathing ourselves in positive cellular wellness if we are to achieve any level or holistic health and wellness.

What you eat today, who you associate with, what you watch, what you read, how you respond to stress, whether you exercise your body…all of these factors and more are vital to give your body the best defense and move in the direction of true wellness.  Little decisions made, with the calm intent of creating your own personal and healthy world, will set a foundation of wellness that is attractive to those we model to…not to mention helping us achieve the quality of life that we desire.

Simple, but not easy.  We live in a world full of distractions.  The striving for material gain and immediate gratification often is not consistent with these goals.  But if we are aware and mindful of the intentional goal, the little steps and decisions will become inner-directed and even automatic.

You are the key to a world of peace, health, loving intention and joy…join me in remembering to make it so….

IN-JOY your path today,