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Nitric oxide (NO) is a fascinating little molecule.  Simply the union of a nitrogen atom with one of oxygen, for years it was considered insignificant and even a bothersome pollutant to be avoided.

As of this date, approximately 120,000 articles and papers have been written extolling the virtues and importance of this molecule.  Virtually EVERY physiological function of the human cell depends, at least indirectly, on this humble messenger.

It’s diffusion speed is unhindered and blindingly fast…over 400 meters per second.  Some estimates calculate over 10 billion collisions per second as it ping-pongs its way through the cell providing mediation support to body processes that keep us alive and healthy.

Our ability to conduct nerve messages depends on it.  The health of our circulation and heart depends on it.  And yet, mostly unknowingly, we frustrate our body’s ability to maintain adequate reserves for its production and regeneration.

Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash?  Then you are destroying one of the primary pathways for its production.  Not eating those healthful leafy greens at least a couple times a day?  Then many of the nutritional building blocks for nitric oxide are not being provided for the constant cellular demand for NO.  Not getting daily exercise?  Then likely one of the primary triggering mechanisms for NO production is unavailable.

Then there are little things like obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure that severely compromise the metabolic cascade leading to healthy levels of NO within and around our cells.

Our nation is experiencing a health crisis of no small proportion.  We consistently rank among the worst in health and wellness around the globe from year to year.  And almost all due to the stress we live in, the abysmally poor nutrition of the typical American diet AND the fact that we are an obese nation with sedentary habits compounded by the high-tech world we live in.

The good news!  You have the choice to get off your butt and exercise.  You also have the choice to stop eating garbage that is served at most restaurants and infests most shelves of the local supermarket.  You can eat more of foods that well….are food!

Simple!  Maybe not easy, but you are starting a New Year of choices….choose wisely!

IN-JOY your health…for as long as you CHOOSE to keep it!