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Hypertension.  The “Silent Killer”.  Of the handful of maladies making up the collective Metabolic Syndrome, hypertension is probably the most sinister.

Often misdiagnosed, under diagnosed or missed completely…hypertension continues to be one of the leading contributors to a variety of conditions incompatible with any degree of quality of life…and often leading to the leading killers of our society.

All preventable…well at least mostly preventable.  Some would like to believe that genetics and other unavoidable factors are primary causes.  In reality, it is daily life decisions, usually those centered around nutrition choices, that are the primary causes.

Endothelial function is destroyed by metabolic syndrome.  Hypertension, whether a cause or and effect of endothelial dysfunction, can be effectively addressed viva proper nutrition.  Re-establishing a functional endothelium, with the result being improved nitric oxide function, will help prevent heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke and other circulatory diseases.

How do we do this?  EAT REAL FOOD!  It really is that simple.

Eat food that your grandmother would recognize (hopefully your grandmother ate real food!).  Eat foods that will spoil.  Avoid foods that have been designed to not spoil.  There is no nutrition there.  Even if “fortified” with essential vitamins and minerals…there is no substitute for food.

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”  –Fran Lebowitz,  American author

Read a great book last week.  Gaining Ground, by Forrest Pritchard.  Read this book.  Devour books and articles by Michael Pollan, Susan Allport, Bruce Lipton and others…  Educate yourself in a manner that will re-acquaint you with real nutrition and the food that delivers it.  You and your family will be rewarded!

Please send me an email if you would like more reading and documentation sources…there are tens of thousands of great sources available.  You may not have the time to read them all…but much of it is really quite simple.  And of course, read my book!

To help your body regain endothelial health as you return to eating real food….supplement with Acctrix (L-arginine complex) or the Kyani Xtreme (nitrate extract).  These supplements help restore and re-vitalize the sickened cell lining of your cardiovascular system…stimulating the release of essential mediators such as nitric oxide.

You are the creator of your wellness and quality of life….act like it!

IN-JOY your health!