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This is Valentine’s Day!  Let’s celebrate the heart and all that this humble and loving organ does for us!

Our heart will pump enough blood in our lifetime to fill over 200 railroad tanker cars!  It will beat two and a half billion times by the time you are 70!

Our cardiac muscle is a tireless worker and keeps on beating in the face of some pretty nasty abuse at times.  Stress…whether emotional, physical or nutritional takes its toll.  Nutritional neglect is also one of the primary causes of cardiovascular stress.

Inflammation, caused by poor nutrition and lack of exercise, contributes to the decrease in function of the endothelium.  The little endothelial cell that lines each and every one of our blood vessels is the chief savior of the heart.  And it is really messed up by inflammation.

Many of the foods we eat are pro-inflammatory.  Foods that may taste good (remember our genetic cravings for sugar and fats) and often those we have the most intense cravings for…are the leading instigators of inflammation.  A healthy diet, filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables, will decrease the inflammatory index while also giving us the antioxidant support to help repair cellular damage…including damage caused to our endothelium…the factory for nitric oxide production and other inflammation controlling factors.

Be kind to your heart this Valentine’s…eat nutritiously before (and after) you have that chocolate kiss (or two!).

IN-JOY your heart this weekend…and for the rest of your life!