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I read a great article this morning published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (I know…one of the more exciting things to read!).  This journal abstract is a great reminder of the importance of sunshine in keeping our heart healthy and our blood circulation strong!

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As many of you know (especially those of you that have a “Who’s Your Farmer?” bumper sticker on your car), the levels of nitrates in our green leafie vegetables, such as spinach, are much higher in fall and winter harvests.  These nitrogen containing nutrients provide our body with the necessary building blocks for the miracle molecule of nitric oxide.  This is one of nature’s way of apologizing for the lack of sun in the colder months (especially if you live in Seattle like me).  Higher concentrations of the precursors of nitric oxide are available to us in the foods we eat (providing we actually eat food!) in the darker, colder days…days when the warm sun is but a distant memory.

Sunshine activates the precursors of nitric oxide that are stored in the deeper levels of our skin.  This nitric oxide helps keep our blood pressure in normal range, helps reverse the progression of atherosclerosis, improves peripheral circulation, improves pancreatic cell function (diabetes continues to rise in incidence of epidemic proportion)…among many other life-saving and wellness-supporting attributes of nitric oxide.

So in addition to eating a diet rich in dark green veggies and other foods that promote nitric oxide synthesis….go for a walk in the sun!  Let those golden rays revitalize your spirit, your heart and the 75 trillion or so cells that rely on optimal circulation!

IN-JOY the sunshine this weekend…your heart will!