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We all cherish and ferociously defend our unique belief systems.  Most to our detriment, many comically ridiculous and personally damaging.

I love my grandchildren.  The walks we take, the sights, sounds, textures we discover, many of them for the first time.  In this digital age, another path of discovery is at the hands of technology.

I have many memories of a grand-kid in my lap and a Sesame Street video playing (probably for the hundredth time!) on my laptop computer.  A favorite for me is a Sesame Street kids video with Canadian singer Feist.  “One, two, three, four…monsters walking ‘cross the floor…”.  A classic.  I sure miss Kermie….  Look it up on YouTube for a little ‘time-out’ today.

OK, I digress.  Another video favorite played for my grand-daughter Leanora is with Nicole Kidman.  Leanora and I tease each other about being “stubborn”.  It is a fun exchange, a learning and bonding experience for both of us.

Stubborn.  By definition “…refusal to change one’s ideas…”  How often are we daily presented with this personal growth challenge?  To what degree is this resistance to new ideas, and the possible interference in more spiritually-enhancing paradigm shifting, delaying or even preventing our optimal growth in this spiritual/physical experience of life?

I attended a seminar in Palm Springs last weekend.  A Gonstead chiropractic seminar, which many believe to be one of the last bastions of hands-on, specific, principled chiropractic.  We discussed the state of health care in the United States.  The increasingly difficult and twisted hoops that the insurance companies require the individual practitioner and subscriber (patient) to jump through in order to receive basic chiropractic care.  Care that has proven for decades to be more cost-effective, have better outcomes and even (hold on to your hats!) improve the spiritual and emotional quality of life for those on the receiving end.

Where are we headed?  And what does “stubbornness” have to do with it?

The Gonstead camp is divided.  Fragmented into at least 3 main factions.  All convinced that they are “right”.  Egos have been bruised, pride has been the prevailing value…and the profession itself has suffered along with the Gonstead name.  “They owe us money!”…or “…you don’t remember what happened but I do!”  All very good reasons in the mind of the indignant to maintain the chasm separating those who could be working together to share what we know and value.

One doctor, now close to retirement, has separated himself from the organization for decades because of a restaurant bill that was divided incorrectly almost 40 years ago.  One of the most brilliant minds in the profession and he refuses to participate because of a long-held grudge.

Stubborn.  Time to move on maybe?  Perhaps we can bury the proverbial hatchet and create a future that allows for healing and real progress?  We can no longer afford these petty games.  We owe it to those we serve to move beyond these childish (interesting term, that) games.  Our kids are actually wiser that we are a good deal of the time.

What is holding you back from growth in your life today?  Is it something trivial, even silly?

Let’s watch a few more Sesame Street videos together and glean some wisdom from the more simple pleasures in life.  Let the children lead!

In-Joy your journey today!