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(The following as submitted to the Plexus, the professional journal of the Washington State Chiropractic Association)

The above title may appear so cliché to some that it is almost devoid of meaning.  Like saying “the earth is round” or “fish get wet”!  The results we get surround us every day we show up at the office to serve.  The magic that happens when wellness is allowed to blossom can be so commonplace at times that it can desensitize us to the honor and responsibility of being the magician’s apprentice.

Then there are the days that seem to coincide with some unseen comic humor.  “Doc, you didn’t quite get that last one”, or “Hey doc, I don’t think I want my neck adjusted today, it feels fine”; comments that quickly serve to yank us back into the safety of humility.

Yes, chiropractic gets results.  Thankfully these results are most frequently positive.  Satisfaction ratings for the profession as a whole give us much to be proud of.   There are many reasons for this, reasons that I won’t take the time to explore here.

I was led to a young patient a few weeks ago.  She had suffered with lower back pain of various severity for most of her adult life.  This young lady had experienced some modest results prior to coming to my office, but nothing that had stuck.  After a consultation I was tempted briefly to forego an X-ray, but as the image on the screen enhanced just seconds after the exposure, I was thankful that I had stuck to my good sense.  Grade II spondylolisthesis.  Either there is a new epidemic of these or I am doing a great job of vibrationally attracting them.

After some brief explanation, I set her up side posture and set the supporting segment.  Immediate relief, and of course the patient felt great soon after as well!  I was again faced with the temptation to take the credit, a weakness that I fall for virtually every time, but by the time she arrived for her report of findings I was able to place the credit where it belonged.

We are privileged to work together in a wonderful and rewarding profession in the most beautiful spot on the planet.  When my head is not wrapped up in statistics and compensation detours, the benefits of serving hands and heart first remind me of the big picture.

Chiropractic gets results.  This we see in our patients.  Some of the other results are outside the walls of our office.  When we have an inner feeling of satisfaction and significance the world around us responds.  Our children have the benefit of a role model that contributes to a better world.  Our spouses receive the benefit of a more peaceful and nurturing relationship.  Our immediate community sees the domain of our clinic as a place of safety and respect.  We continue to attract to us those that are hurting, in body, mind or spirit; giving both them and us the opportunity to grow and thrive.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” — Vincent van Gogh, Dutch artist

BJ once said that the adjustment is a small thing.  One person receiving an adjustment is also small in relation to the whole.  What we have seen also is the result of the accumulation of small things.  The soft brush of a butterfly wing changing the direction of human will and progress.   As we move from one adjustment to the next, from one patient to the next, the gentle progression of life borne from our hands pushes back the insidious weight of spiritual entropy.  Disorder of thought and energy is moved ever so closer to the intelligent benevolence of wellness.

Chiropractic gets results.  Sometimes, quite often actually, by relieving pain.  But more often by allowing the possibility of increased life and vitality.  And as we are assisting in the accomplishment of this little miracle, a new world is born.  A world that I can feel safe leaving my children and grandchildren to.

That is a BIG thing!

I was once a religious person.  Now I can proudly say I am spiritual.  As a doctor of chiropractic I have the honor of being a facilitator of the union of spirit and matter.  A co-creator of the magic that coordinates the function of 75 trillion odd human cells that define a breathing human being.

Again, chiropractic gets results.  Let’s pause for just a moment before each day and remember why.  The smile from that remembrance will light the way for your performance.   And its’ infectious presence will set the stage of healing for all those we serve…patient’s, employees and neighbors alike.

It is no small privilege, or responsibility.  We can solemnly remember the importance of our premise and still dance the light dance of joy through the day.  I know we are up to the challenge!

In-Joy your day!