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Maybe it will go away“.  If I had the proverbial dollar for every time I have heard these words uttered by a patient, well…I would be many dollars richer!

Many of us at various times in our lives have at least thought these five words.  We have minimized, underestimated, even ignored what turned out to be valuable and urgent information that our body had been trying to communicate.  In spite of the great lengths that our society goes to in order to eliminate and subdue it, pain remains one of the primary means of communication our body has to get our attention!

Have you been ignoring your body?  Is there a nagging ache, pain or symptom that is not receiving your full attention?  Maybe you are trying to silence your body by using an over-the-counter pain killer.  Possibly you have been using a prescribed medication (either prescribed for a current symptom or even an ailment diagnosed earlier?) to quiet the symptoms.

Your body is very intelligent.  It not only knows how to heal…IT WANTS TOO!  The human body is a miraculous “machine” that has not only the tools, but the in-born intelligence to heal.  YOUR BODY!  Healing that is exactly right, with the correct timing, every time!  However often what interferes with this miracle of healing engineering is our interference, stubbornness, or lack of attention in providing these basic healing building blocks.

These components of timely healing include attention to several factors.  Nutritious food.  Regular, appropriate and sufficient exercise.  Healthy and healing quantities of sleep.  An environment free of toxic factors.  And last but not least, a healthy and intact nervous system.  We know that the nervous system coordinates the healing capacity of the body.  This is where high quality, specific chiropractic care comes in.

As a chiropractor and teacher I have practiced and taught the highly specific and effective Gonstead system for over thirty years.  I have dedicated the majority of my life to becoming proficient in its delivery.  If you are interested in the potential benefits of this expression of the chiropractic art – please come have a chat with me!

I would be honored to be of service to you as you journey onward in the pursuit of your wellness goals!