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I read a post, well really an advertisement, from another chiropractor the other day.  His intent became clear before I had read too far, that he was setting himself apart from the crowd by promising, even taking a pledge/oath, NOT to EVER recommend long-term, unnecessary care!

Sounds good right?   Sounds like a good, ethical step don’t you think?

OK, the joke.  ‘How many chiropractors does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer:  Only one, but it takes twenty visits!’

I first heard this joke many years ago and was only slightly offended, it was actually pretty good!  The inference being that chiropractic takes more than an adjustment or two to realize results, probably a score or more to accomplish the goal.

There are chiropractic coaches who have offered a branding gimmick to help set yourself apart from the crowd that is obviously (insert sarcasm here) trying to take advantage of a hurting (and potentially gullible) potential recipient of chiropractic correction.  They (for a fee of course!) will admit you to their organization that distinguishes itself (and you as a participating health care provider) from the rest of the profession by promising and even signing a pledge that you will not provide long-term, unnecessary care.  (emphasis provided by the author)

Sounds great doesn’t it?  Ethical even.  A promise to not take advantage of anyone!  The issue I have with this is what they are implying.  That those of us who do not sign the pledge are (by default apparently) over-treating and taking unfair advantage of an unaware clientele.

I know people are smart.  Everyone knows that exercise requires repetition.  You really don’t do yourself a favor by eating nutritiously one day a week and the other six eating completely without regard for foods loaded with sugar, modified fats, chemicals and toxins.  Body builders don’t achieve their six-pack abs after a workout or two.

Healing takes time!  The benefits of exercise and good water intake take time!  In fact, just about every pursuit in life worthy of your attention takes attention and takes time!

So why would caring for your body through chiropractic care be any different?

Obviously, as in any trade or profession, there are those few who will not hold themselves up to a level of integrity to ensure the best for their patients.  But these thankfully rare exceptions are not who I am addressing here.

Complete and optimal healing and the goal of optimal function and nerve system expression takes time!  The amount of time will vary from person to person, how they choose to participate, how they exercise, eat, think, etc. will have a definite impact on the quality of the outcome.  By limiting the delivery of the chiropractic adjustment to set yourself apart from those advocating “long-term”, you are very possibly also limiting their chances in achieving the best health outcome possible.

I have had patients that are well disciplined in how they attend to what their body needs.  Many of these folks, after some initial intensive work, move on to live productive, active healthy lives…and often only need an adjustment every month or so…possibly even less frequently.  However these examples often are more the exception rather than the rule.

In conclusion let me state my point.  We live in a stressful environment.  Our body is constantly, moment by moment, adapting to this environment (unique to every person).  How we move, sit, sleep, think, eat, intend…ALL contributes to our health.  We will need fresh and clean air, good and nutritious food, regular and effective exercise, and in my humble opinion, mindful and specific chiropractic care…FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

This sounds like ‘long-term’ care to me!  (all joking aside 🙂 )