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I was reading an article this weekend written by a KOMO News 4 correspondent. The title of the article initially caught my eye and interest because it seemed to echo a question I have asked myself in the past few years. Transitioning to my new state of residence here in Montana at times has been challenging, missing so many things about Seattle, the city and area where I grew up.

Seattle Is Dying”. The article was brazenly titled and harshly written. It got me thinking about where I live. In what state I had decided to make my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Montana and I see and experience incredible things constantly!

Now this may not be going where you think it is. And you are right!

My wife and I were watching a video this weekend of an interview with Tony Robbins. He said something that caught my ear. When asked by the interviewer to recap the most important thing a person can do to most enhance his life experience, Tony’s response was “Choose the state you live in!”

Wow! The impact of that statement struck deep. It had been earlier opined that from an evolutionary standpoint our brains are primarily designed to help us survive, not to be “happy”. To rely on the default decisions of our brain moment to moment is to make choices based primarily on fear. Yes, to survive. To enjoy this life…to give, contribute, “be happy” …all of these results require a day to day decision on what state we are going to live in.

So obviously then, to choose to live in the state of joy, wonder, awe, gratitude …is to place yourself in a position of success in the life-long pursuit of joy!

So why is it so damn hard! How is it that we tend to catch ourselves so frustratingly often in the dregs of despair, unhappiness and joylessness?

Remember, we are “hard-wired” to survive! This is why we allow default decisions to drive our experience! Whether it be the easy-way-out default to overconsume sweets and unhealthy fats (obesity is epidemic in our society as you know) or the automatic default of fear, anger, judgement and resulting anxiety and dis-ease…the result (in today’s world) is invariably unhealthy!

One of my favorite wisdom quotes is “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment!” – Rumi

Choose to be amazed, bewildered and awed by your world rather than “living” under our survival mechanism of fear.

Join me today in choosing what state you want to live in!