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The chiropractic consumer has seemingly a multitude of options when it comes to selecting a chiropractic provider.  I remember one presenter at a seminar joking that the way to determine the number of techniques represented in a body of chiropractors was to count the number of doctors and multiply by ten!

Well, that is a little bit of an exaggeration, however it is true that there are many and varied ways to detect and then correct the entity we call the chiropractic subluxation.  It is a good thing to have many different tools in your proverbial tool kit.  For the purpose of clarification, and to share a little about myself and Missoula Spinal Arts, let me attempt to explain the Gonstead technique and why I choose to focus on this excellent method of chiropractic correction.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead was born in 1898 in Willow Lake, South Dakota.  He grew up on the farm and had to defer his dream of further education to help his family survive.  His dream was to be a mechanical engineer and eventually he went on to work for the J.I. Case company.  When he later became ill with rheumatoid arthritis he ended up under the care of a chiropractor when traditional medicine failed to give him relief.  Amazed by his improvement under chiropractic care he went on to Palmer Chiropractic College and became a doctor of chiropractic, graduating in 1923.

With his intense interest in mechanical engineering, he applied the concepts of physics and mechanical function to the dynamics of the human spine and how it relates to optimizing central nervous system expression.  As he progressed in practice it became known in the Midwest and later throughout the United States that he had attained tremendous skill in assisting the body’s natural ability to heal and return to wellness.

Before long he had other chiropractors showing up begging to be taught what he knew.  This later developed in the Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic, seminars that continue to this day.  Every chiropractic college teaches the basic Gonstead concepts of spinal analysis and correction to its students.  Some resonate with the technique to the point of using it exclusively, while most move on to other methods of applying the chiropractic healing principles.  However it has been estimated that less than 1% of the chiropractic profession uses the full Gonstead system exclusively.

The unique methods of adjusting using the knee chest table and cervical chair (which Dr. Gonstead created) are difficult to master, however very effective, particularly in situations where utmost specificity is required to correct the intervertebral spinal disc and restore optimal spinal function.

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I was attracted to the Gonstead system as a young chiropractic student over 35 years ago.  The biomechanical concepts of spinal movement, the whole spine focus, the art of the Gonstead system – all intrigued me!  I applied for and was honored to receive the Gonstead Memorial Scholarship while attending Life University.  I went on to achieve diplomate status with the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society in 1990 and later served on the GCSS board for many years.  With 32 years of chiropractic practice behind me, I am extremely thankful for the work of Dr. C.S. Gonstead.  The sacrifices he made and especially the genius he applied to our profession’s understanding of how the spine works, what makes it heal and how its optimal function allows for a more complete expression of the healing abilities of the human body via an intact and healthy nervous system…all of this has greatly influenced and enhanced the expression of my profession.

As the Gonstead web site states, “Discover the Gonstead Difference!”  It is wonderful to see the many varied and helpful ways that chiropractic is expressed as a healing art form.  As mentioned, there are many approaches and many techniques in the application of chiropractic, all have their value, fitting the specific needs of the chiropractic consumer.  Please contact my office and schedule a complimentary consultation to see if the Gonstead application of chiropractic at Missoula Spinal Arts is right for you!