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Notre Dame cathedral is burning.  Parents are frightened to the point of irrational action by news reports of epidemics.  Opioid overdoses are at an all-time high (pun unintentional).  You literally cannot watch five minutes of the evening news without having to sit through the ridiculous commercials for drugs that you might “need”, most of the commercial rapidly narrating the litany of horrible side effects many magnitudes greater than the initial symptom the drug is designed for.

At times it seems that not much makes sense.  Where does one turn to find solutions to our everyday concerns, especially in the arena of health and wellness?

For me, my family and my patients; what makes sense is getting back to basics.

Six things to think about.  Good food.  Sensible and adequate rest.  Invigorating and life sustaining exercise.  A functional nervous system.  A restful and healing spirit of consciousness.  And last but not least, a non-toxic environment.

My patients hear me share my passion for reasonable and sensible wellness.  In the absence of acute trauma or overwhelming illness…attention to these six little details has proven to be the best recipe for vitality, joy and just plain feeling good!

Drug companies make a lot of money by selling fear.  They suggest that you might be missing out if your aren’t taking their latest chemical.  Sure, emergency medicine has come a long way in providing us with outstanding technology and trauma care, however most of the business conducted over the pharmacy counter is a long way from emergency medicine.

Next time your body talks to you, listen.  Give yourself a gift by not over-reacting.  Get some good advice and most of all, give your”self” a chance to heal – naturally!  Follow the healing wisdom of your body.  Find a health practitioner that will respect this innate healing wisdom while at the same time keeping an eye out for legitimate emergencies.

Your body will thank you by providing much more life to your years and years to your life!