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I love it when my patients and practice members “get it”!  When they come to the realization that they themselves are the key factor in achieving and maintaining the health and wellness that they so richly deserve.

Your body needs exercise.  Daily!  Of sufficient cardio demand to accomplish the miracles secondary to movement.  Your body is also pleading for nutrition found in whole fruits and vegetables, along with moderate amounts of mindfully raised protein.

We live in a society that excels in providing immediate “answers” to our cravings.  Food-like products that satisfy our innate need for sugar and fat, edibles that cater to our addictions.  Our food industry is geared to answer the demand for cheap, inexpensive calories.  Most of the thousands of products lining our store shelves provide very little in the way of sustaining nutrition, yet our fast-paced lifestyles often allow for little else.  They are packaged so beautifully and look so good!

The good news (I know you were waiting for some!), is that our body is very intelligent.  It responds to positive factors such as real food nutrition, movement and exercise, healthy environmental factors, clean water – you know, the stuff that grandma said was good for us!

It is also a good exercise at times to delay personal gratification.  This may come in the form of saying “no thank you!” to that piece of mile-high chocolate cake, that ice-cold strawberry milkshake or the plate full of pasta.  We may not have to always say “no”, however consistency in our diligence to those healthy factors can reap tremendous rewards in health, wellness and mental clarity.

One of the cool things about being an adult is the ability to make decisions for myself.  However the flip-side of that coin is being accountable and accepting the consequences of those grown-up choices.  Achieving that “healthy” balance is the goal…AND remembering that experiencing life to the fullest is also about enjoying the journey!

Good Health?  Count me in!