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I have been a chiropractor for over 32 years.  During that time I have seen many amazing things happen in my office.  Sure, it’s great to see low back pain and headaches disappear accompanied by the smiles and thanks of those burdened with these life-draining irritations.

However what sticks in my mind the most are the smiles and many times unspoken expressions of gratitude from the little guys.  Moms completely exhausted from hours of walking the floor with a screaming infant.  A simple fingertip pressure adjustment giving relief – not only to the young one, but also to the parent at the end of their rope.

I remember one young boy, his parents exhausted both physically and financially after months of futility searching for the cause of their son’s intestinal pain, giving a sigh of relief and then falling asleep in the office.  This after hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical testing and treatment.  The cause?   A subluxated sacrum.  The correction?  A simple lower back adjustment.

We seem to have a huge disconnect here in the understanding of what we (chiropractors) do.  The paradigm of most of the population is that it might help back pain, headaches and general muscle soreness.  But when whole body wellness and prevention come into play, belief systems often become threatened.

“You mean I should bring my child to the chiropractor?  That is for adults isn’t it?”  The simple truth is…YES, chiropractic can often be what they are needing.  Chiropractic (even for kids!) is one of (if not the) safest forms of health care on the planet.  In fact, most traditional treatment addresses primarily the symptom, where chiropractic addresses the CAUSE.  Not only is relief often obtained, the cause is usually corrected as well.

Kids also live in a stress-filled environment.  Got to a playground on a busy weekend.  Watch how their young bodies absorb impacts, falls and bumps.  Sure, their young bones and ligaments are much more flexible and resilient, however they too are subjected to sometimes significant physical stress.  This can, and often does, lead to chronic fixations and misalignments.  Easy things to fix if brought to the attention of the highly trained doctor of chiropractic.

I have adjusted hundreds, if not thousands, of young spines.  My four boys are a perfect example.  Raised on chiropractic, exercise, good food and loving attention.  No vaccines, a very rare medication (usually along with a stitch or two from a daring youthful experience!) – they were raised with great respect for the healing capacity of the human body.

Don’t let your kids and grandkids miss out on what could very well be their best opportunity to grow up strong, vital and healthy!  Chiropractic care for kids!