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I wonder.  Well, at least I wonder every now and then.  When hiking the beautiful mountains here in western Montana, awe and wonder are feelings often expressed.

Found a wonderful book the other day.  How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan.  Yes, the same Michael Pollan that wrote The Omnivores Dilemma, In Defense Of Food and other great books.  In this book he discusses the ego and the pain and suspension of joy that accompanies an ego in control of your perception of this beautiful world.

Joy seems to be an elusive element of life at times.  The see-saw world of the “happy/sad” dynamic can leave us worn out at times.  So how can we extend these periods of joy?

Joy is un-caused.  Unlike happiness, which typically is a temporary reaction to an external trigger, joy is the appreciation of life in all its varied forms and presentations.  It is a quieting of the ego-mind.  A reminder that the essentials of a joyful life are always close at hand, regardless of external circumstance.

Looking at the beautiful Castilleja, or Indian Paintbrush flower, past judgments and future anxieties fade to non-existance.  The present moment, with it’s accompanying feelings of wonder and awe, place everything in perspective.  Add to that the snow-capped peaks, deep blue of the spring sky, the verdant green of the grasses and trees….well, I wonder how I can ever be stressed!

Place yourself in a position to win more frequently!  Take the opportunity to go on a hike out in the, you know, Nature!  The evaporation of ego that inevitably occurs with the awe and wonder of the natural world is worth any invonvenience to your schedule!  And the health benefits are incredible!

Choose wonder!  You will love the JOY-full result!