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Having been a student of Life for a while (yes, that’s gray hair – what hair I have left), I have understood the importance of the most important present ever.  That is, the present moment.

That being said, sadly most of my ‘understanding’ of the importance of living in the present moment has been an intellectual understanding, rather than a heart-felt knowing.

It’s been said that it is never to late to learn.  My book Soaring Beyond Fear, written over ten years ago, is my best attempt at applying this understanding to my life.  The truly fascinating thing is…that even having written a book about the subject, I still have a lot to learn!

Again (if you’ll forgive me), there is no time like the present…to take the concept in even more deeply!

I have noticed of late an increasing tendency to become irritable.  With traffic, the other not following the RULES…well, the list is long.  Enough notice of this to trigger some warning signals (not the least of which some pointed observations from my wife…and greatest teacher by the way) reflected in my daily experience.

Time to unwrap the present…yet again!  By ‘unwrapping’, I mean to say letting go of the irrelevant past and anxiety regarding the future.  Both of which I have no control of and yet seem to feed the insatiable appetite of my oh so healthy ego!  Letting both the past and future go and truly embracing the present moment.  The only ‘thing’ that is real.

It is my therapy and my spiritual practice to put this into words.  To declare to the universe that I am ready to be a student…again!  And still.