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I was having a chat with a good friend the other day (another Gonstead chiropractor) and we were trying to wrap our consciousness around the fact that most people seem to be content with the prevailing level of knowledge (or sadly, the lack thereof!)…when it comes to “health” care.

We were observing and recounting our witnessing of truly amazing results in the delivery of specific chiropractic care.  Above and beyond the bread-and-butter fare of headaches, neck and lower back pain…we were thankful for the opportunity to truly change lives by restoring spinal function and nervous system integrity.  Conditions that most would not categorize with “back conditions”, regularly responding quickly and favorably to the restoration of spinal movement and optimal nerve function.

Along with these observations was the ubiquitous fact that many (OK, most!) people seem to prefer interfering and destroying function rather than correcting and restoring.  Pain medication, unnecessary surgical intervention, and even non-effective therapies rather than specific, corrective care seems to be the norm these days.  Even in light of 125 years of chiropractic in this country.

Fear is the normal consciousness.  If you define normal as the rule that is.  Fear often seems to motivate a desire for hasty results.  The attitude of “I want pain relief NOW!” replaces the wisdom of preventive wellness and conservative approaches to well-being.

Truly specific and artfully applied chiropractic correction may very well be the wisest choice you can make.  Why someone would dismiss a simple, natural solution in favor of drug addiction, removal and destruciton of body structures, often a life-tine of dysfunction and dis-ease…well, I just don’t understand!

Wisdom, allowing and acceptance acknowleges that all must seek their own path.  But does the path have to be so steep and arduous?  Maybe so….