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My grandson Silas and I were hiking here in Montana a couple of years ago and discussing the direction of our exploration.  When I expressed my veto power on the path home, he sagely responded with the statement “sometimes things change Gramps!”

We are now entering the third month of a world that has indeed drastically changed.  Some have suggested that the world will be forever changed…and of course this is true!  We all are entering into a chapter of our life, a new era of this planet, that is completely and forever different.

My personal challenge is to adjust (not the chiropractic version in this instance) to that change.  My world is essentially different.  Completely unlike what I expected it to be.  Resilience is the key.  Not to mention patience, perseverance, flexibility, etc., etc…

We moved to Montana almost five years ago from the Seattle area to take a break.  My father and younger brother (Dr. Greg Chinn) had both recently passed away.  It was time for change, thought at the time it was healing that was of paramount importance.  More recently my mother has passed, my wife’s father has also died, thankfully able to spend all but the last few hours in his home of sixty years.

People have commented on what a tragedy it would be if I permanently hung up my chiropractic practice hat.  The skills and clinical knowledge accumulated after almost forty years of study and practice would be “wasted”.  Hmmmm…

Significance.  Change.  Purpose.  Joy and peace in life.  Many things to consider.

I had a hare-brained idea to plant an apple orchard.  Now with all of this virus (or is it fear?) induced kerfluffle, I have had plenty of time on my hands.  So I have been erecting eight foot tall game fence around almost an acre of land in preparation for some baby fruit trees.  Cutting the poles from our small forest, stripping bark, treating posts, pulling and hand-tying seemingly miles of very tough high-tensile steel wire…definitely a change for these chiropractic hands!

I am seeing my purpose alter course.  The prospect of green plantings taking root, the hope of a juicy apple in a few short years…some cider making perhaps?…all of these thoughts are changing my outlook and personal meaning of purpose.

Of course this does not mean that chiropractic will be cast to the side…it does mean change however.

Life is a journey of change and discovery.  I am finally coming to terms with the depth of that description.  My current purpose is to raise an orchard of apple-bearing trees.  To get my hands dirty in life-sustaining soil.  As the posts get set, the resistant wire tied, young trees go in the ground…a deep sense of satisfaction is emerging and the self-judgment of “wasting my education” seems silly.

There are still those that seek me out for my clinical experience and wisdom.  It is gladly given.  I love improving lives with chiropractic.  I love flying planes and helicopters.  I love my family.  I love watching things grow from the work of my hands…

Some things never change.