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I have done a fairly good job at refraining from weighing in on the current subject of hysteria.  Appreciating the wisdom of the observer, I have been watching the various opinion camps toss around bits of information, some valid, some not so much.

We are definitely in a time of crisis.  Daily reports remind us of the seriousness of this pandemic.  Fear seems to infuse every article and news bulletin we read.  Our lives have changed in ways that will take years to return to normal.  If “normal” is even in the equation.  At least as we have known it.

So what is a person to do?  Cower in the corner and wait like a helpless victim for this viral monster to pounce?  I think not.

Why have we in the United States been so “unfairly” targeted by this tiny nightmare?  What did we do to deserve this?  I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes, “…we always get the government we deserve.”  Not too comforting a thought when we are in the middle of a crisis.  Well, I am also convinced that the state of our health, individually and collectively as a nation, is indeed what we deserve.  Our wellness, our immunity, is a direct result of the decisions we make.

I think all of us know that we lead the world in a distinction that we cannot take pride in.  That is, the poor state of our health.  Diabetes is rampant.  Obesity is off the charts.  Heart disease and cardiovascular dysfunction affects a huge segment of our population.  What is collectively called “metabolic syndrome” (i.e. insulin resistance, high blood pressure, disorders resulting from chronic inflammation, etc.) effects most of our population.  This poor state of health makes us particularly vulnerable in light of this current ‘crisis’.

The cause and origin of this virus is unknown, or at least unclear, at present.  It may take years or decades to sift out the truth of where it came from and who, if any, are responsible for this plague.  It doesn’t seem productive to me at this time to worry about that too much.  What needs our attention is what do we do NOW to enhance our immune response and give us, especially the most vulnerable of us, the best chance possible to survive this threat.

Most of you reading this are familiar with the years I have spent studying the “miracle molecule” nitric oxide.  This 1998 Noble Prize winning science outlined and stressed the importance of utilizing sensible nutrition and supplementation to enhance our cardiovascular and immune health.  An article I wrote in 2012 details the specifics of this in a very readable manner.  Visit www.PerryChinn.com and find that Dynamic Chiropractic article under the “Resources” tab under the “About” heading…I believe it is the sixth item down in the list.

Enhancing nitric oxide metabolism is a powerful way to strengthen your immune response.  It requires some work, attention and investment, but not outside the reach and availability of most folks.

Beyond that, as I discuss in my book Symphony of Wellness, regular exercise, chiropractic care, mental and spiritual discipline…all of these things assist in powerful ways.  Then there is the matter of what we eat.

The people of our nation are not helpless victims of poor health.  This “SAD” state of health is often the result of poor nutritional choices.  As I mention in my book, by choosing unprocessed foods, foods that our grandmother would have recognized, foods that will spoil, foods that have not been robbed of life-giving nutrition by the “food” manufacturers…using all of these tools will lead us to better health.  And a much more powerful immune response.

A personal vitality that will resist attack by pesky viruses and opportunistic bacterial invaders.  The result can be dramatic.  But the path there is not outlined and encouraged by the national media, social media…or sadly, by the vast majority of the “experts” paraded across your video screen of choice.

The choice is simple.  Not easy…simple.  Every time you reach for that package of heavily processed and nutritionally-robbed “food” product…you are making a choice for your resulting health…or lack thereof.  Every purchase at the grocery store is a vote for your personal vitality and support or non-support of the food industry.

I wanted to keep this short.  At the very least I got some things off my chest.  I am here to help if I can, send me an email and we can chat about whatever concerns you.  My wife and I are busy carving out our retreat here in Montana.  I have a vision of a place that honors health in all its forms.  A place that will be a haven for those who are seriously interested in restoring their health

If I can be of service, just let me know.  My book is available.  I can package and send one direct to you.

Be well!

Dr. Perry