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Wow, what an incredible journey these last twelve months have been for all of us!  Not a journey that I would have necessarily chosen for sure, however it is what we were dealt, and/or created.

If I have learned anything in this life it is the futility of identifying myself with the victim.  As helpless as I feel, as abused a person I seem to be at any low point, it remains true that I am at very least, a co-creator of my experience.

The Covid “crisis” is an example of fear in it’s purest form.  While I agree that it is a serious issue and much needs to be done to mitigate the risk of this virus, it seems that most of the damage done by the virus is not so much it’s clinical virulence as the response of fear that it has been met with.

The human body has a powerful innate immune response.  Properly managed and cared for, this immune response is well able to handle even the most serious assaults.  As I have mentioned before, in the words of Deepak Chopra, MD “…no disease is caused by an organism (virus or otherwise), the true cause is a susceptible host.”  “…HIV may be a precipitating agent in a susceptible host.   The material agent is never the cause of the disease.  It may be the final factor in inducing the full-blown syndrome in somebody who’s already susceptible.”

“Never” is a pretty strong word to use.  I agree with Dr. Chopra’s views on susceptibility to disease…I also agree that much of the world buys into the fear dogma of the germ theory.  My clinical and personal experience has shown that natural immunity is by far the best course of action in non-emergency situations.  Of course, what constitutes an “emergency” is open to debate, the result of that debate in how you manage your health is all across the spectrum.

The choice is yours.  Not Bill Gates.  Not Dr. Fauci.  Not the government.  YOU are the final word in how best to care for yourself and your family.  Some may argue that your decisions are diminishing the positive effects of “herd immunity”.  Do you own research on that one.  Lots of debate there for sure.

I came up with a simple acronym the other day that seems to cover most of the factors determining you good health and strong immune response.  In the ball game of life, paying appropriate attention to these seven areas will most likely give you a “home run” in personal health defense.


H-Hydrate.  Many experts agree that drinking adequate amounts of pure water is vital.  I resonate with the recommendation of half your body weight in ounces.  (e.g. if you weight 120 pounds, then 60 oz. of pure water is a good amount)   Do your research!

O-Oxygenate.  Your body is a calorie burning machine highly dependent on good, clean air to assist in metabolism.  Deep breathing (kind of hard to do with a mask on) and good circulation are key.  My book, Symphony of Wellness, on the importance of nitric oxide metabolism goes deep into this.

M-Meditate.  Mindfulness and mediation are extremely important.  In this age of fear, negativity and paranoia…turning your thoughts in a positive direction is key.  I was reminded the other day to focus on “There is…” vs. “I am…” when meditating and visualizing.  This technique helps turn your thoughts away from the fear-based ego and toward observation.  Try it!

E-Exercise.  This goes without saying.  Daily, regular aerobic exercise is vital.  Try to get in at least 10,000 steps a day.  Get your heart rate elevated in a low-impact manner.  Remember how important this in stimulating the nitric oxide effect.  Read my article on Shear Effect.

R-Recreate.  Give yourself a mental break.  Go play with your kids or grandkids.  Don’t have any?  Borrow a couple and recall what it is like to let go and play!

U-Unload.  Drop the anger and retribution.  Revenge is never the answer.  Too many responsiblities and burdens?  Do some house cleaning.  You will thank yourself for it!

N-Nutrition.  Eating real food is huge!  As I have mentioned before, eat only what your grandmother would have recognized.  Eat foods that will spoil.  Eat locally, sustainably and as organically as possible.  Do your research in these areas as the food industry is finding ways to manipulate these terms.  “Organic” and “Natural” may be anything but!

As granddaughter Teagan says…Peace to ya!