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It has been about six months since I have posted on this forum.  As I mentioned on the last post, much has changed in our world.  And this trend continues.  As has been said, “the only constant…is change”.

Much uncertainty exists.  The doomsayers are predicting economic collapse, massive political upheaval…even nuclear exchange.  If we buy in to the conspiracies, there is much to be threatened by.

My recent “therapy” for this insanity is to disconnect.  Continuing to build our new cabin and shop has kept us busy, however we do miss the interaction with family, friends and professional associates.  Community, family and otherwise, is vitally important, so managing this resource seems to be a primary task for us these days…if we want to maintain our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Meanwhile…the news media continues to spew out ignorance, fear and lies.  The original lie (as it relates to health and wellness) is not only that wellness comes from pharmacology, but also that the obverse of wellness…sickness…comes from “germs”.

Lister and Semmelweis scratched the surface of the truth but tragically veered far off into fallacy.  Yes, “germs” are a component of ill-health, but they are in no way the primary factor.  We are in fact more of a walking mass of bacteria than we are “human” cells.  Not only in number of cells, but also in sheer “mass” of genetic material.  And this includes viral material.

Our 75’ish trillion human cells are outnumbered as much as ten-to-one by the number of bacteria and viruses that inhabit, crawl on and otherwise reside on and inside us.  The human gut is a treasure-trove of these live-saving creatures.  We sicken and literally die without them.  Authors estimate that over 70% of our immune response relies on the proper balance of this gut biome.

Yet we seek to destroy what we are ignorant of and don’t understand.  To our peril.  Why do we do this?  In light of our vastly growing “wisdom” in human health and disease?

We simply took the wrong turn over one hundred and seventy-five years ago in the early days of our “health”care system.  We chose to be threatened by what we did not understand about cell biology, physiology and the overall immune response of the body.  We didn’t understand a thing about bacterial (and possibly viral) “quorum sensing”.  We underestimated and again misunderstood how the body responds to bacterial and viral “threats”.  And we totally ignored what it really takes to develop, nurture and maintain a healthy personal immune response.

We said “YES” to drugs!  And now we are paying the price.

What is the good news?  We can back off from our inexplicable fascination with drugs, fear and ignorance.  We can turn back to an understanding of the value of real food, modalities that enhance the function of the human nervous system and immune response.  We can turn a deaf ear to the fear-crazed doomsayers that infest our airwaves.

The choice…is YOURS!