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Funny thing about humans.  They seem to want to destroy what they do not understand.

Thing One:  Humans are a valued piece of the overall tableau of life on this planet.  Perhaps they do value themselves more than they should.  Still, the fact remains that humans can contribute.  However the human animal cannot exist without the support and nurturing of other life forms.

Take the lowly microbe as a case in point.  The biome that walks around calling itself ‘human’ is in actuality a symbiotic biome consisting of at least ten times the number of bacteria than human cells.  Perhaps we should call homo sapiens a ‘bactoid’ rather than ‘human’.  This cooperative effort owes its’ success to the cooperation between bacteria and human physiology.  Our gut would not function without this feat, our cardiovascular system would break down without it, our skin functions normally when ‘crawling’ with “germs”…the whole symphony of life is played out because, not in spite of, this infestation of “germs”.

Yet we destroy ourselves with anti-bacterial potions…from mouthwashes to antibiotics.  We cower in fear of “germs that cause disease”.  How silly.

Thing Two:  We sterilize and destroy the life-giving properties of healthy soil.  From mono-culture practices, habitat destruction, toxic fertilizers, genetic seed manipulation…the very sustenance we once enjoyed from healthy loam is not mostly gone.  The meat products we consume are weakened by poor feed and over-use of drugs to the point of being toxic and disease-ridden themselves.  We destroy ourselves before we even eat the food that is meant to heal and nurture us.

Thing Three:  We pour toxins and poisons directly into our environment.  Falsely thinking that throwing incredible amounts of plastics, industrial waste, noxious gases in the atmosphere and even junk into near space will not have an effect on our ability to adapt and thrive.  We destroy what we do not respect and understand.

Thing Four:  We invent awesomely powerful drugs and other toxins and inject them directly into our bloodstreams.  We have somehow replaced common sense with arrogant lunacy.  To expect the miraculous balance of homeostasis within the human frame to be a result of such an assault is a hubris and stupidity that defies explanation.  Yet we double down with crazy and accelerate ourselves into an unavoidable oblivion.

Why?  Again, we destroy what we do not understand.  Perhaps we will awaken sometime soon before our species makes its’ exit.  Though perhaps not.  Maybe we will wake up and respect the value and true miracle of life on this beautiful planet.

But that’s the funny thing about humans.  There is no guarantee once you look at our track record.  The good news is that maybe we will suffer enough to spark a thought or two of sanity before it is too late.  I’ll hope for that.

Be well,

Dr. Perry