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We are indeed living in interesting times.  Rational thought and opinion continues to be defamed and even de-platformed.  Those that respect the universal truths of reason and intelligence are being marginalized even more relentlessly.

I usually address on these posts matters relating to human health and physiology.  While I may take a bit of a detour on this one, the intent is the same.  Health.  Specifically our mental health in this case.

There has been a war on human health since the inception of the “germ theory”.  Since the late 19th century, “science” has declared that our microscopic friends (bacteria and viruses) are the enemy.  Period.  Doesn’t matter that ‘they’ choose to disregard the fact that we host over a hundred trillion bacteria on and in our body.  These symbiotic friends are essential to our very existence.  Yet they are labeled “germs” and a threat to our health and even our life.  The destruction of this vital segment of our life is destroying us.  Yet they continue.

It comes down to fear.  In many forms, fear is the tool that the allopathic mindset uses to subvert and control those that rationally think and refuse to comply.  The ties to corporate interests and economic demagogues are legion.  Those that respect innate intelligence are incredibly threatened by those that know the benefits of a life free of fear.  Fearless people are very difficult to control.

All of this sounds so conspiratorial, something that has always repelled me.  I have avoided the more sensational threads of conspiratorial thought and rhetoric, but the fact remains that we must be alert and be on guard against those that would benefit from our ignorance and fear.

Gratitude, awe, wonder and inquisitiveness guard against the chains of fear.  Humor, kindness and benevolence do the same.  We have a choice.  In fact, in order to sustain the ability to choose and live free, we MUST avoid being sucked into the mindlessness of fear.

Use your tools.  Question.  Speak out!  Refuse to comply with that which undermines what you know is true.  We live in a beautiful, intelligent world.  Celebrate that!

As you see our freedoms erode and sacrosanct truths attacked, refuse to remain silent.  That is the only way ‘they’ will win.

Be well!

Dr. Perry