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SympHony of Wellness Flyer

Dr. Perry Chinn introduces the 3rd edition of Symphony of Wellness. Now Available! (This Word document is suitable for e-mail attachment)

The Science Behind Nitric OXide Precursors

Clair Francomano, MD, Abbas Qutab, MD and Thomas Burke, PhD discuss the importance, science and relevance of nitric oxide supplementation


Nitrate and Nitrite in Biology, Nutrition and Therapeutics

Inorganic nitrate and nitrite from endogenous or dietary sources are metabolized in vivo to nitric oxide (NO) and other bioactive nitrogen oxides. The nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway is emerging as an important mediator of blood flow regulation, cell signaling, energetics and tissue responses to hypoxia. The latest advances in our understanding of the biochemistry, physiology and therapeutics of nitrate, nitrite and NO were discussed during a recent 2-day meeting at the Nobel Forum, Karolinska Instit


Tocotrienols – Barrie Tan, PhD

Vitamin E: Tocotrienols, The Science Behind Tocotrienols Barrie Tan, PhD (14 pages)


Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway: Implications for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

The gaseous radical nitric oxide is involved in numerous physiologic and pathophysiological events important in anesthesiology and intensive care.


Nitric Oxide – The American Chiropractor article, Feb. 2011

Perry Chinn, D.C. and Bob Anderson, MD co-author and article discussing the importance of nitric oxide in human metabolism in context of the original L-arginine Nobel Prize winning science.


Dynamic Chiropractic article – December 2012

Dec. 2012 article in Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights magazine by Dr. Perry Chinn titled “A Deeper Understanding of Nutrition Can Enhance Your Bottom Line”


WSCA Plexus May/June 2010 – Dr. Chinn

Dr. Chinn, WA state chiropractor releases new book, Soaring Beyond Fear. Interview published in state journal in May/June 2010 edition.


Acctrix English Brochure

Acctrix Cardiovascular Nutritional pdf brochure – English


Trask Triangle – Interactive

Bob Trask has created his innovative version of the BE-DO-HAVE triangle. You can discover more about Bob and the ARAS Foundation at www.ARASFoundation.org


Gonstead (GCSS) Referral Directory 2019

2019 Gonstead Referral Directory (GCSS)


Give Peace A Chance – John Perkins

This is a tremendously well written appeal for peace and tolerance by my friend John Perkins of his experience at a recent award ceremony….

The ZEN of Hovering Helicopters

Humorous article about the challenges (and joys!) of learning to hover….by Patrick Bryant

Gonstead Disc Model – Nutrient Transport

Literature review by Steven Tanaka, D.C. discussing nutrient transport in the intervertebral disc.

Dr. Perry Chinn – One Sheet PR

Professional bio and book descriptions in one sheet (two sided) pdf form.


Why Mahler?

Article entitled “Why Mahler?” submitted to and printed in the November 2011 edition of the GCSS “The Scope”


CDC Obesity Report

Center for Disease Control Obesity Report


Perry Chinn CV


Field of Dreams Research Donation

Donate to Chiropractic Research! Tax deductible 501c3


GCSS Membership form

Become a member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society! Support specific, hands-on chiropractic with your membership. Open to professionals, students AND lay persons.


Acctrix – Video Anderson 2010

Dr. Bob Anderson discusses his impressions of the cardiovascular nutritional product Acctrix


Dr. Perry Chinn discusses his cardiovascular product Acctrix and nitric oxide science